Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simple Truths

My mornings are better because I Liked Simple Truths on Facebook. Mac Anderson's books and website are the inspiration we all need on a daily basis to encourage us to live our best life. Words that will touch your heart and make you think... 3 minutes of your time is all it takes.

This video may spark a memory of your past like it did mine. A person who has made an impact on your life... who would that be? For me it was Mrs Hayes, my second grade teacher. Oh, how I loved that woman. She was kind and patient, guiding and directing the 30 impressionable lives for the 9 months she had us. We learned how to add and subtract, all about the World in Social Studies and how to write in Cursive. But we learned so much more from Mrs. Hayes. We learned trust and responsibility and that Honesty was the Best Policy.

I'll never forget Mrs. Hayes or that feeling when she would have me collect the milk money each morning. It was good to be so young and trusted to do an important task. I have to go get a tissue now...

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  1. I always tried to bestow that on every young person I've been in contact with...:)JP


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