Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life's Little Hiccups

You better have a sense of humor or life's little hiccups are gonna make you crazy. I do, have a sense of humor and have hiccups... OFTEN! Sunday I had just got the last ornament put on tree #2 and finally set down. The house was quiet, hubby had went to a basketball game and I was planning some serious Pinterest Pinning. That's when the floor above me shook, well maybe it was more of a thump or a shudder but it got my attention! The squirrels make a lot of noise out on the deck chasing each other, but this definitely wasn't a squirrel.

I went up the stairs to investigate and checked out the bedrooms, didn't see a thing out of place. Then I noticed a round chunk of wood in the doorway leading to our closet. I walked inside to see the full length clothes rod broken in half, 10 feet 6 inches of clothes on the floor. Luckily the shelf above was still attached or I would have cried. It took a good 30 minutes to carry clothes to guest bedroom closets, they weighed a ton so I think the rod did a pretty good job holding out for 7 years!

Mom used to say "Laugh or cry, take your pick!" I think it was kinda funny. I think that means I'm coping well!


  1. Silver lining...good time to clean out that clothes closet!

    1. Well, the rod got replaced last night and clothes are back where they belong! I have a stack of clothes to take to Goodwill...

  2. Oh my! Yesterday, while I was very busy, I heard a crash. It was the cat knocking the bucket of cat food off.

    1. It's the same for all of us, we are going full steam ahead and then something breaks!


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