Monday, November 12, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

How can I be this old and never known how to open a banana correctly?
Monkeys have been doing this all along.. 
you simply pinch the opposite end to open perfectly, no strings! Found this on Pinterest, my home away from home... you know what I mean. I pin and learn, pin and relax, it's not an addiction~ I'm preparing for a big test down the line!

This isn't the only thing, there are other things I've been doing all wrong...

Here's another DUH moment, basketweave your bacon for that perfect BLT! Just cut the slices in half and weave under and over, bake or fry and you will have bacon in every single bite!

So irritating when I boil eggs and peel away over half the egg white ending up with UGLY deviled eggs. For perfectly peeled eggs every time, just add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water you boil them in! 

Soggy tacos that break and fall apart ruining your fiesta? From America's Test Kitchen, a better way to make your taco. Just line your shell with a lettuce leaf... why didn't I ever think of that??? More tips on making the perfect taco when you visit their website!

I have a drawer full of gadgets for each and every thing I do in the kitchen. All I need is a pair of tongs to get that last drop out of those expensive lemons and oranges!

Cutting cherry tomatoes one by one? Yes, that's how I do it too! A much faster way is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and you're done in no time!

One last tip and this is a good one... hate to peel potatoes? A quick dip in boiling water and the skins slip right off, who knew!

Saving time and money- thank you Pinterest!
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  1. Those are great tips and I will be sure to try them. I am especially anxious to try the boiled egg and potato peeling tricks. Have you had a chance to try them?

    1. Yes, all except the potato one and I bet it works like a charm too! I do the boiling trick with tomatoes and peaches, just a dip in and out and the skins slip right off. Will try this the next time I make homemade fries!


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