Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Move

Busy week ahead with Grandma's move coming up, packing, organizing 65 years of treasures. It's hard for her I know, I can imagine what I'd be feeling. It's a new chapter of her life, being waited on at Brookstone Assisted Living may be the hardest part for her! Until this past year, she swung her legs out of bed to make breakfast for Grandpa and her every single morning. Dishes done, she swept and cleaned the house, did wash and maybe even ironed some clothes before she sat down to read the newspaper. Everything changed when Grandpa needed nursing care. 

The job of deciding what to take, what to leave and what to find a new home for has been difficult for Mom. There's just too much in our lives that is important. It's amazing the amount of paperwork that is necessary these days, and it needs to be organized or the minute you need it you can't find it to save your life! Pictures too, they are all precious memories. I'm sure it feels like a blink ago that my husband was just her little blonde-headed boy riding his bike. I know, cause that's how I feel about our daughters who are now raising their kids!

If all the packing isn't bad enough, Grandma is learning how to use her new Smart Phone! If you ask her if she likes it, she'd probably say "NO" because it's not user friendly... YET! Like everything else in life, you get better with practice. I'm pretty sure she wasn't born knowing how to make the best pies, it took awhile and this will be the same! She has a new Facebook page with friends and family who can't wait to share their lives with her every day... 


  1. Change is difficult at any age, but when saying good by to the memories that homestead held, has to be very difficult for her. Good luck in her new digs, hopefully she'll adjust quickly and make lots of new friends!!

    1. Change is good for us, we learned this early when frequent transfers made us realize home is within those 4 walls, no matter where the house sets. She's going to do well, she's a people person and misses being out and about. The last 3 years have been hard, her life changed abruptly when Grandpa had a stroke. This is her chance to have an active life while she still can and I hope she can enjoy it without guilt or worry...

  2. What a lovely front yard! It is so colorful, cozy and inviting. I can't possibly imagine, though, moving away after all that time. Change may be good in some instances, but I, for one, have never done well with it. My heart and prayers truly go out to her. She sounds like a wonderful and strong woman. As for the smartphone, she is ahead of me. I am still back on an old, simple phone, and probably will be for a very long time.

    1. Mom is really looking forward to her new home, it's just been a lot of work going through and cleaning out so much since she made the decision to move. This new stage of her life will finally give her some luxuries, she will be waited on for once!


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