Saturday, December 28, 2019

Waiting for the New Year

Susan Branch is one of my favorite artists. She is a talented writer, illustrator, author and her cookbooks transport me back to wonderful childhood memories. Her Christmas post was about a dinner party that she held recently. As eight dinner guests sat around a beautiful holiday meal, candles glowing, wine glasses sparkling... someone said, "You can always see the kid in a person if you look closely." There was a hush over the chatty table, guests leaned forward looking into the faces of each other. Suddenly they were transported back in time, little girls in party dresses and black patent shoes swinging back and forth under the table...little boys squirming and fidgeting in their seats trying to be good!

What an insightful notion, that inside each of us.... is that wide-eyed child of long ago. Waiting and hoping for snow on Christmas or that one special present under the tree. Thrilled with the simple pleasures of the lights on the Christmas tree or that delicious coziness of flannel pajamas and a hot cup of cocoa topped with marshmallows. 

Let this be our resolution for the New Year, to allow ourselves to recapture that sweet magic of childhood. To keep kindness in our hearts and expect good things to happen. We all need that special quality of youth to give us hope and encouragement for the New Year ahead!


  1. That is brilliant. I still am the little girl from long ago even though I am in some old person's body now. Lol.
    Happy New Year to you!

  2. I love the thought - after all, I still, in my mind's eye, have French braids and lacy ankle socks.

  3. I love her blog, her HOMETOWN!!! and her illustrations. What a great post YOu have written today! My grandmother used to say.. I'm still the same girl I've always been inside.. it's just the outside that betrays me. Happy, Healthy 2013 to all, with love from This Old House -


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