Thursday, August 26, 2010

Future, Past or Present?

The year is zipping by me, just like last year and the year before that. We have lived in Arkansas 9 years now and even though I loved living in Texas, the Ozarks have always been my home. I'm looking forward to Fall...Razorback football starts soon, Bikes Blues and BBQ in September and War Eagle Craft Fair in October. This morning we woke up to a crisp 50 degrees, perfect for doing a little mum shopping today! I never can decide on colors, I love the cheery yellows, the warm bronzes and the way the deep purples blend with the Fall leaves.

I love the changing of the seasons, going from lake fun to football fun!

Slowly the trees begin to change from Summer's greens to Autumn's golds, reds and oranges.

As I glance across the lake early mornings, you see fishermen hidden by the fog lifting off the water.

Big bales of hay are in fields as I go to town, waiting for cold wintery days and hungry cows! I never tire of the changing seasons in the Ozarks. This morning I opened up the door to the top deck to drink in the coolness and in the distance I could hear a rooster crowing. Life is good in these old hills!

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  1. I can see why you love it there Joycee. Beautiful pictures. It was only 77o here this morning and hasn't changed much but of course it will be closer to 90 by noon. I think I will get out and water the plants while it is still bearable :-)


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