Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday Jackson!

Sixteen years ago, at 9:03 AM, our lives forever changed for the better when our first GRANDson Jackson came into this world! We had no idea how much fun this Grand parenting thing was going to be! Oh so different from being a parent, Grand parenting has all the perks. Overnights at Nana and Papa's meant going to Luby's for dinner...fried chicken and blue jello were always his choice! Swimming in the pool and staying up late on Friday night was as much fun for us as it was for him!

This summer was different. He's older now and the lake is losing it's hold on him. He carries his phone with him now, texting and talking. He's still the same Jackson, but he's growing up. How could his parents let this happen? I miss the little boy that used to come and play with the Matchbox cars in the study. He'd line them all up and say, "Nana, let's play car show!"

He's growing up fast now, every time we see him he's taller. He's thinking about what he wants to be someday. His plans include college and the military, he'd like to become a pilot. That's a good life plan.

Jackson, since you aren't here for your birthday, here's a cake just for you...count the candles!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


  1. Aww Joycee what a wonderful made me cry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackson!! I haven't seen my children or Grandchildren for 2 years but one week from today I will be leaving 'blogland' and heading up to British Columbia to see them...I can't wait! Enjoy your day....and your cake. Maura :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Jackson! May all his dreams come true:-) I love the candles dancing on the cake!

  3. 16 is one of those very special birthdays. Our #2 grandson will celebrate his in November. Belated Birthday wishes to your Jackson.

    (We had a Cozy Coup at our house too and it was so much fun to watch the boys push each other around in it - when we weren't pushing them around in it!)


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