Thursday, August 5, 2010 are you?

Lethologica~A psychological disorder where in an individual temporarily forgets key words, phrases or names 
I think I have, I KNOW I have it! It's happening daily now since I celebrated my birthday earlier this month. I'll be talking to someone on the phone and suddenly I just lose my whole train of thought. The train leaves the station, derails and becomes a ghost town. For the life of me, I can't remember where I was going with the conversation.

It's embarrassing too that names just don't stay in my head for more than a few minutes. Then I have a panic attack when I see them at the grocery store and cannot remember their name, or sometimes even how I know them...I just know I do.

It's a cruel trick of nature that I can remember our addresses going back 40 years... Church Street, Cleveland Avenue, Beau Monde, McDonnell, Fair Lake Drive, Birch, Happy  Hollow, Oxford Drive, Ravencourt Circle Nottingham, Maderas, Kingsbury and South View...aah, that makes me feel better. At least I can remember something!


  1. Oh Joycee, I totally understand 'cause I do the same thing. I don't let it bother me so much tho, I usually just tell the person: "I'm having a senior moment and can't recall your name!" Believe me, they too understand.

    I just published a post about my paternal great grandfather and guess what, I couldn't remember my great grandmother's name... but I published it anyway.

  2. I love Maxine....that is her name ...right????


  3. My son, the computer guru, tells me I need to purge my brain every now and then. He may be right just like Maxine. My brain is just crammed full of info and it's hard to find where I've stored all of it. Maybe my brain just needs to be reorganized.

  4. Joycee, Congrats you are a winner of the Girard's dressing on my blog! Please e-mail me at with your full name and mailing address! Joni

  5. I hear you ! I have the same problem. However, my husband forgets nothing, unless he wants too:-)


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