Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How do you do, 100?

The dog days of summer are officially here. We've had highs shaking hands with 100 degrees nearly every day. Hot for Northwest Arkansas, hot for anywhere! Our daughters and their families brave Dallas and San Antonio heat so they are used to living in an oven...that's not to say you ever get used to it. Wet down to your underwear is on my list of "Things I Hate." In fact, it's near the top of the list. I can't tell you how much it irks me to take my shower, get all gussied up for the day...then a simple trip to the mailbox results in me melting into a pool of stinkiness. It just gets me in the worst mood and not a thing I can do. Well, except gripe. Whoever I talk to, the first words out of my mouth are, "This weather is killing me!" Or, "I can't wait until Winter." When you get older the months fly by. Spring was just a blink ago, summer is nearly over, gone in a puff of smoke. In fact Winter wasn't that long ago...when I was sitting inside waiting for warmer days to finally arrive.

Now what was it I didn't like about Winter???


  1. Ha! ha! I wanted to move here sooo bad b/c of the hot weather! Lovin' it still everyday!! :)

  2. Unusually hot weather nationwide and I'm definitely awaiting fall which is my favorite season anyway. I particularly hate that I sweat under my bra in the extreme heat... what's up with that?

  3. Today we have a front moving through and the temperature is only supposed to get into the high 80's. I'm so hoping the weatherman is right!

  4. Oh I love your dog days mascot! Lovin the heat here in NJ... winter is pretty, but I could do without it! Fall is coming Joycee, hang in there!

  5. Love that picture!!! That's what I have been doing too!

    Sure is nice out "right now" I'm sure it won't last long but I've been out watering the flowers and enjoying the little break.

  6. Oh my, 100 degree! That is truly HOT.... even without the underwear ON! haha.... I prefer colder weather too. Over here, it rains almost everyday. Hope your're having a wonderful day, with a gelato in your mouth!
    Cheers, kristy

  7. Once it gets over 90 I seem to stay indoors a lot. I guess I prefer the heat over ice and snow. I am looking forward to fall in Texas, it will be our first.

  8. That is why we put up with all the crap that we get living in southern California( don’t get me started)...our weather is pretty dang good here on the coast. today its hot, but we’ve only had three days of this..Our summer has been cool..

  9. Yep these temps are killing me too. You would think living in Texas all of my life I would not gripe but OMG it is hot.
    I so know what your talking about my mail comes around noon and if I walk down the road to check it I am full of sweat and road dust before I get back home.
    Check on me in the winter and see if I gripe because the ole farm house is freezing. lol
    Take care

  10. We're feeling Fall in the Rockies! The dog has the right idea for surviving 100s!

  11. I don't mind summer, but the extremes of August are too much. We can't even keep the house cool enough with the AC on. Getting into a vehicle that has been parked outside all day is excruciating!
    Blessings from South Texas,


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