Friday, August 20, 2010

On a Mission

There comes a time every summer, when cabin fever hits. Just like winter, summertime in the South brings us to our knees...either in front of a fireplace or in front of a fan. We're here, sitting with our big glass of iced tea and letting the breeze from the fan stir the hot, sultry August days. Air conditioning has been elevated on everyone's "must have" list. No one goes out into the mid day heat unless they work or they are out of food...yep, just like Winter.

Last Winter was particularly hard in NW Arkansas. From Christmas until March we had wave after wave of snow flurries. About the time one would melt off, here would come another. We kept the snow shovel by the front door and our coats, hats and gloves didn't even get hung back in the hall closet. Things came to a standstill.

I saw in the paper that my favorite store was having a 50% off sale and against my better judgement I went to the hottest place on Earth...Buds and Blooms to buy more plants! The deer have made our yard and patio look like no one lives here. They have nibbled our hostas, grazed down our pink impatiens and I've officially given up on ever having any vegetables as long as we live on Granny Mountain. But I noticed they are leaving the Vinca and Marigolds alone so my plan was to go and buy every single one that's left. I don't care if it is 99 in the shade, I was on a mission! I found one lone tray of Vincas and not a single Marigold was left. By the time I got home I was wet down to my drawers and I looked like I'd been through the car wash, drenched and droopy. I did save $7 though. Now if it will just cool off so I can plant them!


  1. Yes, I have been hearing about your deadly, droopy, draining, stifling heat from my CA transplant friend. We, on the other hand here in the sunny Sierra Nevada foothills have been enjoying an unseasonably cool summer. Almost no 100-degree days. Cool, trending toward cold, nights. This, of course, after our winter lasted until the end of May.

    Can we all say CLIMATE CHANGE together?

  2. we have had a wonderful august here in utah but july was really hot. hope your plants do well against the heat and the wildlife!

  3. Oh I know what you mean! It's like that here in Tennessee too. No one goes outside unless it's practically a life or death reason. Even the weeds here are dying. I've given up on any kind of curb appeal til cool weather and Fall gets here. Have fun with the vincas. Wonder why the deer don't eat them.

  4. Same story here in Texas. We are in air conditioning most of the time.

    One member of the family doesn't seem to mind the heat. "Luigi" our little boy dog. He lays in the grass with his little legs in the air, soaking up the sun. I have to drag him inside before he passes out, or worse.

  5. Ditto in central arkansas!!! Awful!


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