Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

We celebrated Mom's birthday last Sunday, it was her 86th! This past year has been a difficult one recovering from a fall that fractured her neck. She had several months wearing an uncomfortable brace that limited her movement and slowed her down. She didn't quit though, that's not in her vocabulary. She used to say no matter how bad the day, the sun would shine tomorrow. Her whole life she's faced obstacles and overcame them. I honestly can't remember a time when she didn't have a smile on her face! 

This birthday is extra special because she has her Granddaughter Stephanie and Great Grandson's Jackson and Gavin here to help her celebrate.

This is one of two parties we'll have so she'll get to make a second wish on Wednesday!

You can't have too many parties...

...or too many presents!

She enjoyed having her chicks under her wing for the afternoon and relived so many happy memories. I hope I have inherited Mom's outlook on life, she makes the best of every day and tries her best not to ever be ungrateful for the many blessings she has received.


  1. Oh Joycee, Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! It's great to see her healthy, sitting there celebrating her 86th birthday with you all. She must be so happy with the arrangement. What a great party! Ooo... she's wearing finger nail polish! hehe... Lovely! Enjoy your day.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. I can see the joy in your mom just looking at her beautiful smile! Looks like a very special day for everyone :)

  3. That was so very special for her,glad she is recovering..I hope that I will have that outlook on life also...have a great week.

  4. i hope I have inherited your moms outlook on life and i'm not even related to her. everyone needs her attitude. tell her happy late birthday from me, some stranger in the blogging world!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dear Mother.
    Precious pictures, and a lovely cake!
    I hope she has a great, healthy, year:-)


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