Friday, April 1, 2011

Big News!

We've had a little excitement on Granny Mountain the last few days. I wanted to tell you about it when it happened, but there just wasn't a spare moment to sit down at the computer. It's going to change things around here forever and that scares me a little.

It started last month. It was just a typical day, we got up early and had our breakfast as usual. Then Pa tried to get me to go into town with him but I declined, I had potatoes to dig. He went on in, stopped by the post office to look over the wanted posters on the wall and got sidetracked watching the checkers game.

Meanwhile, back at home the cat had kittens, then I struck oil while I was digging potatoes! Since I had some extra money to spend I added a wing onto the north side of the house with some extra bedrooms and a gym.

Pa decided to get a haircut while he was in town and of course the talk revolved around the weather, or rather the lack of weather. Everyone agreed we needed rain.

Meanwhile back at home, the dog had puppies. I went to the mailbox and found out I had just won a big contest and they wanted to do a movie about me. I was right in the middle of adding a wing onto the south side of the house for the maids' quarters so I politely declined.

Pa mosied over to Millie's Luncheonette to get a little lunch. He had the special of the day, chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, creamed potatoes and a baked potato.

Meanwhile, back at home the President came to congratulate me on my big prize winnings and see the oil wells I had put in. I showed him the new kittens and puppies and then off he flew in the Presidential helicopter!

In town Pa watched as a turtle crossed Main Street for the first time ever and couldn't wait to tell me about it! He picked up a box of Cracker Jacks for a little gift for me on the way out of town.

When Pa got home he looked around at all of the home additions, oil wells and other changes and told me all about what happened in town. I said, "Shoot! I miss everything." Then I opened my box of Cracker Jacks and guess what??? Inside was a real diamond ring!!!

Never a dull day on Granny Mountain, not even on April Fool's Day!

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  1. You had me for a few sentences there....

    The book looks great! Will have to look for it!

  2. And Happy Fool's Day to you also! No one around to put sugar in the salt shaker anymore. I kinda miss those days.

  3. You had me going there for a second. Have to say, most interesting story. Some imagination ya got there lol.

  4. Very, very cute and funny! A great way to start the day :)


  5. Loved that..and I bet there never is a dull moment at your house! Happy AFD ;D

  6. THANKS for the grin on April Fools day!! :-D

  7. So much fun..

    Not a good idea to show the president your oil well. He will give the info to his backers and you will find that you will have to give the oil to the government. He will put a new heavy duty tax on your kittens and puppies. Best to keep all of this to yourself..... Oh, and the president's wife will try to tell the country that she grew YOUR potatoes herself. LOL

  8. Thanks for a good laugh, even though I didn't get around to reading it until April Fool's Day was already long gone.


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