Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Insurance

This winter has been a lot different than last year when we had snow after snow and temperatures in the deep freeze. Grandson Gavin was feeling a little blue last weekend saying he didn't think he was going to have any snow days off this winter. We still have February and March to get through so I'm not getting too confident that we'll escape bad weather. Last night's tornadoes that spread across Tennessee and Arkansas were very unusual for this time of year.

I have the pantry stocked for whatever Mother Nature throws at us. I keep extra everything and rarely run out of food. It's an unfounded fear of going hungry,I've never done that a day in my life! I do the buy one, get one method for winter keeping two ahead on staples like flour, sugar and coffee. Coffee would be the most important if we get snowed in. I can do without a biscuit but not coffee!

Friday night we went to Lucy's Diner. We both ordered the scattered smothered hash browns, embarrassingly big even though it's the small order. Now we're on a scattered hash brown kick, thanks a lot Lucy's! This picture was taken last winter after NWA had the worst blizzard in 100 years. The only place open in town was Lucy's Diner and every table was taken!

My husband has a new snowblower in the garage just waiting. He shoveled enough snow last winter to convince him we don't live far enough South that it's" silly to have a snowblower."He likens it to insurance, you buy it hoping you'll never have to use it! So far so good...


  1. My 'larder' is stocked also. We are having a heavy snow fall, with some icing underneath the snow. Schools are closed and we are staying in. Snow insurance is good. We in northern Wisconsin have a snow thrower for our deck, a snow blower for parts of the drive way, and a plow attached to the ATV. Bring 'er on!

  2. so HE'S the reason winter's been so mild for so many! :)

  3. You can send your "Thank You's" and money if your so inclined directly to me at Granny Mountain!!!

  4. Glad you were not affected by the horrible storms last night. We got only a few sprinkles and were very surprised to hear about the storms this morning. My dh LOVES hash browns!

  5. Note to self: get a snow blower for next winter! I love good old American food from a diner! Richard

  6. Hi, just ran across your blog love it! I stock up also by way of buy two, one to use and one to store :) The snow looks pretty, we have yet to get a good snow, not normal for Missouri

  7. We eat out so much, I'd have to prepare for bad weather in advance, like for a hurricane. I agree, we can do without a lot, but can't do without coffee!

  8. Snow insurance is actually available. Used by snow plow contrators, home owners assocaitons, ski resorts, etc, it can help protect businesses that relay on snow, or have expenses related to snow, from significant losses. Just thought I'd share that fact!


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