Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bad Taste in my Mouth...

When I don't get good service, whether it's at a store or when I call a repairman...I can't help but hold onto that feeling of disappointment. I don't forget, and I don't go back. And here lately, it seems it happens a lot.
When I had my unfortunate accident last month with my range top that ended up making our ravioli dinner cost nearly $300* I opened my address book and dialed the number of a repairman that I'd used several times before. He never answers, I get his cell and his voicemail. He used to own an appliance store and knows the ins and outs of all makes and models. He fixed our ice maker last year, a little plastic wheel that turns the ice out broke. He ordered the part, then in a few days he came back out and replaced it. Showing me the part he remarked it shouldn't be made of plastic, then he gave me the bill...$189. High we thought for a piece of plastic that looked like a tiddly wink, but oh needed to be fixed.
When he calls back later on that day, I asked for a quote. Just ballpark, but I like to have a quote so I know how sick I'm going to feel. The next day I got the bad news, almost $500 to replace the range top. I was floored and said I might as well order a new one, he agreed. I just couldn't get over the cost so I didn't do anything for a couple days. Then I thought, maybe I should call around, get some prices for myself on the range top. Sears quoted $239. Big difference. Even with $15.99 flat rate shipping it didn't add up to the repairman's quote. The next day I called him back and told him I'd found a good price on the range top and how much would he charge me to install. He wasn't interested. He said have Sears install it and hung up.
We ordered the part, installed the cook top and I'm in business again. I can make pancakes or stir fry, potato soup or spaghetti. I'll never lay the lid down on the glass again...go back to that horrible day with me HERE. But I can tell you, it left me with 'A Bad Taste in my Mouth.' I'll never call that repairman again. He took advantage of us several times and I just paid thinking that's what the parts cost. I like to trust the people I do business with and it's just not a given anymore.


  1. I don't blame you a bit! I might go as far as registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau too. If he's a member, which he may not be.

    When you're selling something ...a house, a car, a horse, whatever's worth exactly how much a buyer is willing to pay. The price is what the market will bear. But when you're reselling a part as part of a service call, I think there is a moral and ethical limit to how much markup there should be. I may be the lone ranger on that though.

    Good for you on installing your own new cooktop!

  2. I never heard of that but boy I am going to be more carefull from now on! I have a really bad habit of using my smooth top for counter space...sometimes while cooking! No more!

  3. Bad experiences have the same effect on me. I'm so glad you found a much less expensive way to fix the problem. Shame on that repairman. Doesn't he know that word gets around. His business won't last long, especially in this economy.

  4. I'm very sympathetic. For years I dreaded conversations with auto mechanics and repairmen. I finally learned the trick was to put "nice" me aside for an hour or two and practice being a you know what. That helped, but asking for an estimate is what really pays off. I'm glad you were able to find a replacement at a reasonable rate. Have a fabulous day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Sounds pretty greedy to me!!
    I love your new look....very pretty!

  6. I just had a bad experience having a tree removed. Oh yeah there will be a post!

  7. I am in the middle of a bad experience with my propane supplier, and I, too, will have a post about it within a few days. We live in a small town, and you can be sure that there will be people who hear about the bad service.


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