Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pioneer Woman Speaks

When Pioneer Woman speaks, we listen. She holds clout on many subjects now in my book so when she recommended a trip to the local Wal Marts to buy a certain kind of dish rag, I was all ears. I don't know why, but my microfiber dishcloths all leave a film on the countertops and the glass top range. Greasy... it smears instead of cleaning. I do make a mess cooking, there's almost always something that's sauteed or FRIED as Mama would call it! Bacon grease is saved and used in my household so there's a good reason for the dishwater to get a little greasy. I pull out the big guns and use Dawn's Power Scrubber Liquid so there's NO reason for the schmeary mess, I won't stand for it!

Ree had said the Basic ones, no frills at $4.99 a package worked great cleaning up all kinds of messes so I grabbed a package but as so often happens at Wal-mart, my eye was drawn to attractive packaging just next to the bargain ones. It was Clorox's new antibacterial dishcloths. They are activated once you give them a swim in Clorox water and then the antimicrobial magic continues wash to wash. Not sure how they do that trick, but I could barely contain my enthusiasm as I tore into the package as soon as I got home! A few clips and I had one of them free, dipped it in bleach water and then into a sudsy sink and went to cleaning.
Sparkly, squeaky clean countertops.
Then I went over the stovetop and the range hood and the tile backsplash and the cabinet fronts and the refrigerator shelves and the top of the mixer and the coffeepot and the toaster and you know what? It worked, there's not a smeary mark anywhere.
That Ree Drummond is one smart cookie, and she can make them too! What's Ree taught you how to do?
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  1. I don't know what Ree would say but I use Norwex cloths. They are amazing, one can smear butter on a window, wet the Norwex with only water, was the butter off, then polish with the polishing cloth. Google Norwex and see what the latest trend in cleaning is!!

  2. Thank you...Granny Mountain and Ree! I have searched for a good dish cloth....I know where I'll be headed today....Wal-Mart....funny how such a little thing makes life wonderful!

  3. Thank you for sharing,,I will definitely be trying this,can't find a decent dish rag anywhere,same with dry towels !

  4. I'm putting the Clorox dish cloths on my Walmart list right now!

  5. I miss being able to use Clorox!

  6. I saw those Clorox cloths but passed them by...I may do a re-run and pick some up! I am NOT a fan of microfiber cloths. I had a cleaning service (don't judge me...I work a lot of hours and have a long commute!)...ahem...well the cleaning service continued to use the microfiber cloths for all the glass and my mirrors and china cupboard, etc. looked terrible! I kept leaving notes and but they kept using them. Let's just say we are currently on a "Saturday clean it yourself" schedule...with Windex and paper towels. BTW, love the hound in this post! :)

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