Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Difference

Father's Day is a hard one, I'm usually at a loss what to buy my husband. The Sunday before, we sat reading the paper... me going through the stack of Father's Day ads when I saw the Kindle advertised at Best Buy. Jerry used to read a lot when he travelled. Long flights, hotel rooms and my absence gave him the quiet time he needed to savor a good book. A week later, we are both in LOVE with the Kindle! If you are on the fence about getting one, let me tell you it's all it's cracked up to be and it's plug and play... instant gratification! The ability to have a book in seconds, for less money than a hard copy is mind boggling.

Jean Chatzky's book The Difference has two of my favorite subjects, financial freedom and self help/keys to happiness in your life. She notes that money doesn't breed happiness~ but happiness can breed money.
I am an optimist, I'm one of those who sees the glass half full. I tell my husband I always expect the best and am surprised when things don't turn out that way. Sometimes they don't, it's just a fact. If I set here and write down all of the bad things that have happened to us the list might be a little long. But I'd rather think of all the positive things and in my eyes, life has been good to us.

In her book, Jean Chatzky says a person’s ability to be appreciative and grateful for what they already have is essential to attracting more of what they desire. So my "Rose Colored Glasses" approach may be responsible for the contentment I have in my heart! I am satisfied with what we have and grateful for everything that has happened to us thus far... the good and the bad. I like to think we've grown stronger from the hard times.

So how does one acquire this magnetic chemistry? Here is what she suggests:
"Wear rosier glasses – In other words, choose to see things more optimistically, eliminate the cynicism and elect to see how abundantly rich you truly are – not necessarily always in cash value, but in the relationships, lifestyle and the community you live in. Appreciating what you have instead of what you lack will create a tremendous positive change."
"Stop comparing yourself to others. By choosing to value who you are and the talents and gifts you have to offer, you are again focusing on your self-worth, but if you constantly are belittling yourself for not being like the Jones’ or the beautiful model on the cover of the magazine, you will always feel as though you are lacking. Change what you focus on and that energy will multiply."
"Use visual cues. By posting your mantra, inspiring quotes or visuals that serve as reminders to keep you focused on what is truly important, you help yourself out on those days when it seems nothing can go right and you begin to doubt yourself. Put yourself on the offensive by planning ahead and frame your most inspiring quote above your desk, write it in your planner so you see it when you open it up every day, on your phone’s screensaver – wherever you will notice it and take a moment to check in with yourself on those moments when you’re in doubt."
"Do something for someone else. Choose to pay it forward by helping someone out who isn’t expecting your aid – it may be someone you know, it may not be, but in doing so you are giving of yourself – your good fortune - to someone else who could benefit from your time and energy. It doesn’t have to be a grand expensive gesture. In fact, it doesn’t need to cost any money, a simple 30 minute visit to a senior citizen who enjoys your conversation. Whatever you do, remember do it without wanting anything in return because truly wealthy people realize how fortunate they are and want to give back when they can simply because they can."

We may be old dogs, but we are still learning some new tricks!


  1. I still have not bought a Kindle but I think they would be like a miracle for someone that is housebound and loves to read...it really is amazing you can have any book at your fingertips. Gratitude is the answer in this new normal...and I hope I appreciate all we have and maybe even what we don't have...

  2. My Sis and daughter and DIL have them and love them. I am about 10 minutes from our great Willard Branch of the Springfield Greene Co. Library. I can go online and order any book I want and they notify me by email when to "drive by" and pick it up. Yes, a drive by window too! The local library is just a couple of years old. I love it.

    And it doesn't cost me anything but my library tax!

  3. We NEED one for our homeschooling AND just because we ADORE reading! That book sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for posting this today!

  4. My husband bought me a Kindle for Mother's Day a year ago. I LOVE it! Now he has one too and he feels the same way.

  5. It isn't something I ever considered getting. I don't think I would find the time to use it since I have 3 unfinished books on the go at home right now. If I am not home I am either working or driving.

  6. My stepdaughter gave me a Kindle for my birthday. I just could not justify the expense for one since my husband and I were both out of work at the time. I have downloaded enough free books from Amazon to keep me reading for years. I LOVE my Kindle!

  7. Love that picture! I am in to audio books....can listen and knit,sew, clean or whatever.

  8. Seriously, I never leave home without my Kindle! It is the best gift I have ever received. I am a HUGE reader and used to buy books by the dozen... I still do... I just have a much smaller place to keep them in!


  9. I have had my kindle for three years now and love it. So nice to have as many books as I want and dont have to worry about storing them or dusting them either! Plus all the free books you can get on the internet, it's great. If you have a new one you can listen to audio books on it...

  10. I'm totally addicted to my Kindle! It's just perfect when we're on the road or relaxing in the hammock. I look at all the "Free" books daily and love the variety they offer! K

  11. Now you KNOW I'm an ardent believer in Paying it Forward! And as far as our ups & downs, we all have them!...:)JP

  12. I love this post! Words of wisdom...

    And.. I have not been able to dig the kindle thing yet. I still like my solid in my hands BOOK. Am I the only one?

  13. My sister loves her Kindle or Nook or whatever it is. I have a tough time just reading the blogs I follow.

  14. I mainly read Blogs, but I keep downloading books to my Kindle, so if the mood for reading a book should strike, I'm ready...I like Jean Chatzsky. I see her often on the Today program.

  15. Joycee-I so....enjoyed todays post. I haven't known you long, but it was apparent from the beginning to me that you looked at the glass as half full!
    I don't dare get a Kindle though-I would never get anything done. I would love to "hear" Jean Chatzky book on tape.
    Keep those post coming. They are such a blessing!

  16. I have not heard of Kindle but I going to check it out - thanks

    good reminders -- fresh start tomrrow is my value for life's up's and down's.. yes, indeed old dogs can still learn-- wink! Hugs


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