Monday, June 6, 2011

Destined for Sainthood, Mrs. Jefferson...Mrs. J. to her 5th graders at Northside, has earned her halo. She has put in 25 years of early mornings to set up for projects and many late nights grading papers.

She's worried about test scores and averages and achievement ratios.

Twenty-five years of reading aloud, sometimes twice for those who didn't listen the first time.

She's passed out a million papers to  hundreds of children, giving words of encouragement to the ones who needed it the most.

She made a difference in the lives of many kids who will call her "My Favorite Teacher."

Mrs. Jefferson will retire this week after dedicating her life and her talents to the lucky kiddos who called her Mrs. J.

Friday's graduation ceremony was filled with praise for students who had worked hard this year. President Obama had rewarded many with Certificates of Achievement. Others received math or reading awards. Mrs. Jefferson made a comment as she passed out the citizenship pins, she said, "These may be the most important awards of all, for if we do not teach our children the ability to get along with each other they won't be able to cope in the world." Wise words. 

She's no doubt looking forward to time she can finally call her own. Maybe even sleeping a little later or taking a trip any month of the year, even September! But there will never be time in her life that she won't be thinking of those bright faces that looked to her for guidance and knowledge. There will never be an afternoon that her inner clock won't tell her it's 3PM.

She'll remember the ones that struggled and the ones that excelled. The class clowns and the ones who needed that extra hug. She'll forever hear "Mrs. J......."

One thing for sure, Northside will sure miss Mrs. Jefferson. She was that teacher who helped other teachers. No project too large or time consuming, she was the teacher you hoped your child would get.

GRANDson Gavin told me, "Nana, this was my best year, I wish it wasn't over." Next year is middle school and he is on to the next stage of his life...just like Mrs. J.

If she misses him, all she has to do is just call...


  1. God bless teachers like Mrs J. They will surely have a special place in heaven.

  2. We could sure use more teachers like her...

  3. That made me cry. And smile. She sounds like a great lady!

  4. How lucky the community was to have Mrs. J.

    Good luck to Gavin in Middle School.
    This move worried my grands the most but they all adapted quickly.

  5. God bless teachers. Bless, twice, the ones that last forever in the hearts of their children.

  6. A beautiful post, Joycee!
    HAve a happy Monday x

  7. May God bless all the Mrs. J's of the world!

  8. What a lovely post for Mrs. J!

    And Congratulations to cutie Gavin on his awards and Citizenship Pin!



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