Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friday as I sat in the auditorium/cafeteria at Northside watching GRANDson Gavin's graduation ceremony, the cooks were busy as bees preparing lunch. The most delicious aroma of hot rolls wafted out into the room and my SON-in-law devised a plan of how we would sashay into the kitchen and divert the cook's attention long enough to steal two rolls and four pats of butter!

I think we'd have been successful, they were intent on preparing lunch even when I started poking my camera where it didn't belong!

Why is it that all elementary school cooks look like someone's Grandma? That must be a requirement for the job, "Must look good in an apron...."

These special cupcakes were made for graduation, baked in ice cream cones and decorated like baseballs.

Today will be the last day that Ken takes Gavin to Northside and Stephanie picks him up.

The last time they will wait patiently for him to come out these doors, backpack loaded and shoes untied.

This oh so familiar walk will just be a memory after today, he moves on to Elmwood Middle School next year. He's been Big.Man.On.Campus this year, come fall he will be demoted to low.man.on.the.totem.pole.

I can remember thinking these thoughts as I picked up his Mom and his Aunt Amy on their last days of each stage of their childhood. Last day at Woodland Heights, last day at Butterfield.

Blink they were kids, blink they HAVE kids!


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