Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday Drives

Back in the 1950's there was a popular pastime that Americans would do on Sunday Afternoons. Daddy would say, "Let's take a drive," and we would pile into the car with no particular destination in mind. We would drive for hours, taking back roads just to see where they would go! I imagine we would get lost from time to time, but Daddy never let us know that. We’d go over the mountain and through the woods, there was a lot of country then!

I remember the big back seat feeling like a living room couch to me. Cars in the 1950's were big, Queen Mary Big! I think we had an Oldsmobile, I remember the air conditioning  would freeze you out, so we always had the windows down on the hot summer days. Daddy would push out his wing glass to "cut the noise." We would drive out to Lake Springfield or East toward the Nixa Hills. I had to watch the road carefully, as I was a kid that got car sick easily. Once my tummy got upset, the trip was ruined.

Most of our drives would end at the Dairy Queen on Sunshine, but the trip before the ice cream was always an adventure! It was not an expensive outing, it was just the time together we spent as a family, talking and laughing.

Gas was 25 cents a gallon, but the memories are worth a million dollars!


  1. Oh Joycee, I have those same memories. We were doing the same thing in Michigan. Even the ice cream. Those were just the best of times. When I got married my husband was a traveling saleman. When I told him I would like to just go out for a ride. He thought I was crazy. Took me many years to get him to go for a ride, but in later years he would take me for rides. Loved it.

  2. Times were simpler and gas was CHEAPER! It was an outing for us all, especially Mom who didn't drive. Patti, I love your blog and the views of the lake! That's the best part of where we live too!

  3. grandpa ALWAYS had that little triangle window pushed out!


  4. I don't remember a Dairy Queen on Sunshine...

    We still take an occasional 'day trip' that is what we call them today. I don't remember us doing much as a family unit....that is another story.

    Re; the sad empty farms. I always wonder why people leave the houses to rot and fall in. It looks like someone could make us of them. The sad truth is the small family farm is a vanishing beast! We are holding on to our dream though.


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