Monday, June 20, 2011

Bravo's Bethenny Ever After has a storyline I love. Unlike the other Housewives series, it has a strong woman who worked hard and made something of herself despite having had a terrible childhood. She finally found true love with Jason, fulfilled a lifelong dream of having baby Bryn and for the first time in her life she is working on getting all the bugs out. The bugs in her head, her past. Visits to her therapist are reality tv at it's best. His name is Dr.Xavier Amador, Ph.D. Psychologist, author, Professor and speaker, yes he's real and he was famous before Bethenny ever walked in his office as a patient!

Dr. Amador is a clinical psychologist, professor at Columbia University Teachers College in New York City, the Founder and Director of the LEAP™ Institute and author of eight books including the national best seller “I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help!™”

Almost all of us have issues. We carry these with us and sometimes they are hard to overcome. If we have been lucky enough to have parents, teachers, friends who supported us and helped us up along the way then we are sitting here today on the "Road to Strong!"

Savage Chickens by Doug Savage

I often think of blogging as therapy. It lets the steam out of my pressure cooker, it cracks the seal on my jar of jelly, it breaks the ice on my frozen lake of frenzy! Just when I think "I can't takes no more!"  along comes a blog that taps the ol' brain and releases all the stuff that's been building up. Sometimes we write that blog, but more often I read it on one of my favorites. I wonder if Karen or Brenda, Jayme or Julie know they are performing this medical miracle? Let's not tell them...they might start charging for going to their blogs!


  1. Oh, do I agree with you about blogging being therapy. I have a couple of people in my family who give me fits, though, and now that they have found my blog (I tried to keep it from them!), if I even imply something that pushes a button, I get the most vicious emails! I am thinking about a private "vent" blog.

    You always give me such food for thought. I need it! My brain is starving !!!

  2. Blogging therapy is a perfect description! Don't know what I would do, without some of my trusted favorites. They remind me there IS life out there, even if they makes me envious it isn't MY life.

  3. Blogging IS such good therapy. My husband prompts me to Blog. Perhaps I'm easier to live with when I blog-my-brains-out. I love reading blogs too; it's become a hobby.

  4. :-)

    I do love you, Joy.. you have a way...

  5. I totally agree with the blogging therapy theory.

    Sometimes just telling something gets it off our minds and then we go merrily along and it is good that someone isn't a family member! Except for my sweet Sis, she is my go to person for everything! Poor child.


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