Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A lot of people raised their hand to help last week after the worst tornado in six decades bore down on our neighbors to the north Joplin, Missouri. Hundreds homeless and without any shelter or food, the storms kept coming, one after the other. The towns' siren would wail, yet there was no place to go. Except for neighbors who reached out and opened their heart and their homes. From every corner of the world we hurt for them. We sit in our living rooms watching on TV and our hearts broke for their loss of life, home, everything. But America did what Americans do best, we joined hands and resources to help. Even if we couldn't be there to help dig out from the rubble we could do something.

The Red Cross is the first to come, ready and able they set up in the midst of a disaster with volunteers who provide support, comfort and lifesaving blood.

This semi from Michigan's Duro-Last Roofing was loaded with food, diapers, water and other supplies.

Tide set up their Loads of Hope trailers to allow victims a place to wash their dirty clothes, such a blessing for the many who only had the clothes on their backs or clothes that have been given to them.
Convoy of Hope, a faith based organization rushes food and water to the Joplin area.

Tyson Foods organized cook crews and served meals.
Operation BBQ Relief, a large group of competition BBQ Teams brought their professional smokers and proceeded to turn out thousands of delicious meals for the weary tornado victims.

All across the state of Missouri and the nation drives were organized, trucks were loaded and much needed supplies were rushed to Joplin.

No amount was too small to give, every dollar would help.

The hardest job of all, going through the rubble, the clean-up. The families search for anything that can be salvaged. It may look like garbage, but there was once a home there that held pictures and memories.  

Thousands of downed lines to repair, but first the tangle of trees have to be removed. Nothing happens fast, there are days and days of extremely hard work.

Everywhere you look are volunteers trying to provide the necessities of life... a warm meal, clean clothes, a hug.

Today the Johnsonville Brats Company will have the world’s largest grill at Sam’s Club in Joplin cooking and giving away 12,000 brats! They'll be handing out free Gatorade, water, basic apparel, comfort kits, personal hygiene items, bedding, etc.  Free to the Public.. no Membership required. It's a small thing to offer a meal to someone who is hurting, but sometimes... it's the biggest gesture of all.

*On Facebook Joplin Tornado Critical Information has many opportunities to help.


  1. Joycee, I read about the news last week. It's the worst nightmare ever. More than a hundred of tornados appearred on the same day. Gosh, what is happening to our planet! I glad everything has been taken care off.
    God Blessed!
    Best regards,

  2. When the worst happens the best of people shine through but so heartbreaking.

  3. Awesome to see all these big companies coming to the aid of people in need... so heartbreaking to read all that has been lost, people who will not be coming home...

  4. This has to be one of your best posts! Brings tears to my eyes to see the devastation and then all the help. People just don't realize how much the big companies and "the rich" do ...along with the regular folks like takes a village.

  5. I love the way ALL of America lends a helping hand in time of crisis, just doing what they can. Living here in the south, this tragedy really hit close to home. But the true American spirit lives on, we don't give up, we forge ahead dealing with whatever comes along.

  6. Joycee, it is great to hear from you! You did a wonderful job covering the volunteerism for Joplin. As you know, we had a situation just as bad here in Alabama. We were very lucky that we were not in the storm's path, although it was too close for comfort. These storms are terrifying, and we are planning a storm shelter.

    My book is resonating with a lot of people I think, who are about my age and who have had the care of Alzheimer's patients. I hope will enjoy it if you decide to order one.


  7. People really are good and I think when given the chance to help they always will. Our church is right in there too and we give through it. It's a joy to give and help! ;D

  8. One of my blog buds, in Oklahoma, took in a couple that lost everything. Complete strangers. Having been through her own tornado, she knows what they are going through. I have so much admiration for her!


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