Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't ya just love it when you get a surprise in the mail, something you're not expecting and it comes out of the blue? That's what happened to me last week and when I saw the big manila envelope stuck in my mailbox, I did a happy dance! I had forgotten completely about winning a great giveaway at  Camp and Cottage Living. I tore into the package like a 6 year old and this is what I found...

The coolest Canada Bag! Kimberly says her local Walmart had these for a grand opening and she bought several for giveaways. I may never make it to Canada, so I'm thrilled to have this to show off. I filled it up the next day with new *duds for Mom and just as I was expecting, several people asked where I got my Canada Bag... it was a big hit at Jamestown!
Not only did Kim send the bag, she sweetened the giveaway with the cutest baby sock change purse/keyring AND a Pippi towel holder! Some people are just like that, they can't do enough, they just give, give, give!

Kimberly and her husband live in a log home on the shore of beautiful Lake Superior where they are living the life of Riley! I love her photography and she's not afraid to risk life and limb to get a good picture, i.e. the bear pictures!

I'm  been imagining that I'm in Canada when I carry my new bag. I think about cool mornings on the lake, breezy and lazy. Then when I open my eyes this is what I see...

*The Urban Dictionary describes DUDS as:
Casual clothes one could don whilst relaxing or attire that is comfy you could just throw on if you go out in a rush. Items of clothing someone could put on without a lot of effort.
"I can't wait to get home and get my duds on."
"You look nice in your duds."


  1. The Canada bag is great but did it also include the painting of the bluejay and the mailboxes... because that is just fantastic.

    Congrats on your prize; it's definitely special!

  2. Congratulations on the great win, that bag is sweet...enjoy!

  3. That first picture is a greeting card I've had forever, perfect for this post!

  4. Darling bag! And that little coin purse is just cute as a button. Congratulations on your win. Try to stay cool. It's plenty miserable here with temps in the 100's all this week.

  5. Thank you sweet lady for showing off the wee bit of gifts I sent you.
    As I said, I was so glad to see you were one of the winners since you were also one of the 1st ladies to welcome me to blogland and become my follower.
    I too, love the greeting card picture. It was perfect for your post. Now I best get out of this nightgown and slip into my duds!

  6. "living the life of Riley" - haven't heard that phrase in a very long time. *smile.

    Congrat's on your win!

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  8. Let me try this again, ahem... Congrats on your loot!

    Don't know about you, but we are wearing as few duds as possible. In my case, that can be rather frightening.

  9. What a cute bag!! I am thinking that maybe I should have a giveaway. I'm not sure what it would be though. Lucky you!


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