Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can't get away from it...

I was shopping at Dollar General the other day and in the background was music, sort of. It was a mix of music and commercials and short snippets of news. It was just there, not obtrussive but in the background and what I caught was "This is Dollar General Radio."

For sometime now our Walmarts have tv's at the checkouts going non-stop. A little irritating to me, I don't like commercials at home and mute the tv when they come on. We DVR almost everything so I skip the majority by fast forwarding. I probably miss out on new products or something I really might be interested in, but I just don't like the louder sound levels of commercials...have you noticed they are always louder than whatever you were watching?

Yesterday, at Murphy's Gas station, the one that's often next to Walmart, there it was. Mounted above each gas pump was a tv, blaring out a mix of music, commercials and little "USA Today-like news bits." ....Red Stripe energy drink, only at Murphy's Gas stations... Gas Station Radio. How do you feel about this, irritation or just a part of our life?


  1. I'm with you...I don't like being bombarded with white noise 24/7. Why is it that society isn't comfortable with silence or our own quiet thoughts? It worries me as a are growing up on this. The crazy rush of 1 second sound bites makes it hard to reach them unless you sound like a crazy video while doing instruction. Doesn't help with attention issues either. I could rant on...
    Glad you brought this up!

  2. Irritation for sure...I can't even get started about it!..You can't even dvr your way out of it anymore..they have he commentators doing their own little 15 second bit right during the game. This is why I don't watch talk shows anymore ...EVERY person that is on is selling something...While I am Home Depot they have someone asking you every 5 seconds how you are doing and can they help you...then you get ready to pay and there is ONE checkout will stop now...

  3. I agree also. Love to go to movies once in a while, but the previews are now intermixed with commericals also. This so turns me off. Am searching for the mute button to no avail in the theater!

  4. I'm in agreement! Isn't DVR wonderful! I really hope they enact the whatever it is, to regulate the volume on commercials. I have to crank up the volume, to hear the dialog, then BAM... the commercials bust my eardrums.

  5. I would say that ours doesn't have tv's with ads but maybe I've been tuning them out. Plus I'm not very observant. So I hope we don't have them. Because they would be an annoyance to me.

  6. I haven't noticed that here yet.

    I would hate it!

    I rarely watch TV at all and when I do I mute every single commercial.

    We don't do gas at Murphy's but do go to Walmart and haven't noticed....maybe the do have them?

    Our little local market had music for a while, very loud; I hated it and others must have too....they no longer have it.

  7. Definitely an irritation. What is wrong with a little peace and quiet. When I go outside to paint (on my porch), my husband often wants to rig up a radio or some such modern distraction for me to "listen" to as I work. I just tell him,"Thanks, but no thanks. I just want to listen to the birds sing and the leaves rattle in the breeze.


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