Monday, July 11, 2011


It's Birthday Week at my house so there's going to be a full 5 days of posts about getting older. This one's going to be about menopause, so anyone out there who isn't here already should turn away. It's not all pretty on the "other side!" Nothing like The Exorcist or watching a Hoarders episode, but some of the things that happen along Menopause Lane are less than fun. Dr. Mason told me that my journey~ don't ya just love the terminology, makes it almost sound like fun.... would be similar to what my Mom's was. Age, symptoms or no symptoms would somewhat mirror her experience and I guess it did. One day I was buying tampons and the next day I wasn't. It was that simple. Hot flashes must have came in Texas as I approached 50, but it was too dang hot to even notice!

Last year was when she reared her ugly head, taking all the shiny places on my face, robbing my skin of every drop of oil and making my hands and legs look like I'd never applied lotion... even if I had just applied lotion. If that wasn't bad enough, the definition that used to be my waist is now gone. Even though I've dropped 15 pounds since last year my waist won't budge, she likes where she is and she's not moving! I notice it most when I pick up a toddler, no ledge!

The only good thing about being done~ here we go again, makes me sound like a roast doesn't it... the only good thing is the mood swings. I used to be a terror those days. I was sensitive to dust particles, I had a heightened sense of dialog that made me dissect anything that could remotely be taken wrong. Mom called it "Flying off the Handle!" Yeah, it was witch like with a "B!" 

There is one other thing that has left me for good and I do like this one. I no longer have the urge to lick the buttercream icing off cupcakes and pitch the cake part. I know this because cupcakes actually sit on the counter waiting for grandkids to eat them now. It's not all bad.


  1. Must say I don't miss that old "curse" or whatever. Went thru the terrible hot flashes where I would sit up in bed and just start flinging off clothes and covers with my poor husband shouting What's happening, what's happening. Moods did not change to much, but every once in a while I would start to cry and had no clue. Now I am watching my daughters go thru the change, which does not seem possible to me.

  2. In this season of my life, I am blessed to have those days as memories I had rather forget. Getting older does have its pleasures.
    Have a great day.

  3. Patti, I too don't miss the old "curse". I am free at last. The flinging of the clothes I can truly relate to and laugh at now. Whew! Joycee, love your blog and that you live close. Also love finding a blog where the writer is not a twentysomething.

  4. I don't miss the month to month hassle, but I could do without the spotted fish scale skin, hair loss and spare tire!

  5. Lots of hot flashes and some weight gain (ugh!), but no mood swings. That said, I CRAVE anything sugary.
    Oh the things we encounter along our "journey".

  6. I just wanted to thank you for pointing me to your blog. Great postings and I can relate!!!! I'll be visiting frequently. :)

  7. I am in perimenopausal mode now, and it ain't a bed of roses. Encouraged (somewhat) by your post and your commenters.


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