Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Comments

I know I shouldn't, it's like picking one child over the other... but I have my favorite comments from readers! The ones that make me chuckle or even belly laugh. The ones that make me think, "Maybe I shouldn't have blogged that." The ones that make my day and stick with me. I am Southern and long winded so it shouldn't be surprising that in two years I've posted 750 times, yikes! My labels tell me that I've posted the most about Daily Living, followed closely by Observations and Memories. Sometimes I don't get a single comment. That used to hurt me wittle feelings but did I stop writing, nope! The times you did leave a comment you were so dang nice that it was like a pat on a good dog's head! So here we go, here are a few of the funny ones...

---I'm here! I'm back to do more snooping... er... admiring!

---Uhmmm... I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Sorry. Bacon is great but I am a bit skeptical of bacon floss.

---Sometimes la-la land is a good place to be.

---It's me, your squiggly friend! I would so love to have a hissy fit once in a while and not be carted off to the looney bin. I do like being squiggly!

...and some of the encouraging ones...

---Wow! Thank you so much for being such an open book this morning. Your post touched my heart, thanks again for sharing.

...and talking about encouragement, here's some comments after a post about buying a car. Glad I have you guys on MY side!

---I'd be getting one of those magnetic signs made up for the sides of my car. I'd embarrass the heck out of that dealership and tell every single person who would listen just how they dealt with the problem. Be sure to keep records because there is a "lemon law" and your car may fall under that if there continue to be problems.

---As the other person said, I'd contact a local news/radio station and tell them my story. It's a load of crap that you bought a brand new car and after two weeks had to have a new transmission. If you're on facebook you should be posting this. I'm going to post about it on my blog. That way everytime someone googles Kia they'll see it.

...and when I'm at my saddest, you say just the right thing to boost my spirits.

---I'm so, so sorry that y'all had to say "Goodbye" to River. It's heartbreaking. That's always been my vision of heaven. Gold streets and pearly gates are lovely, I'm sure. But being in a green meadow with a bubbling brook and my Gracie by my side as we talk to Jesus - well that's just heavenly!

...or sharing a precious part of their lives.

---Many years ago, I was returning home from the grocery store with my 3 year old son. I looked up at the sky and said, oh Eddy look at that beautiful blue sky, isn't that the prettiest sky you have ever seen. I was very pregnant with my 7th child and struggled to get the groceries out of the car and was holding open the door waiting for Eddy to come into the house. When he didn't come in I turned to see him still gazing up at the sky and heard him say, You did a good job God.

---Couldn't hold back the tears when I got to the plastic seat part...ours were grey/silver. My life was so like yours that it is uncanny. I loved vegetables soooo much, esp. fresh turnip greens that granddaddy raised. We had fried cornbread with them and lots of pepper sauce..yum. The relish, chow-chow, peppers, pickles, and jelly were always on the table. My brother and I loved grape jelly on our corn bread + lots of butter. Such happy memories....thank you so much!

The following one may be my favorite of all...

---You don't mean you have a grandson who is old enough to drive???
 I can hardly believe it!


  1. Thanks Joycee. You know what, that sweet little boy is now a father himself and still that sweet fellow. Hope your 4th is full of family fun.

  2. I love the comments I get too. Bloggers are the Best! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I will be back!

  3. Awww! What a warm, fuzzy way to start the day. Big smile!

  4. Like I say on my blog "comments are like when we see a someone we know across the street and we give them a little wave".
    You have some good ones.

  5. 750 times! I don't think I have 750 words in my head, much less enough words to do 750 multiple word posts in two years. I'd be forced to get a life, in order to find something to blog about.

    I wish I had found you two years ago. You would NEVER be without a comment. (unless I was away from the computer)

  6. 750 posts and you've just begun. You've got lots of good words just waiting to be shared with your Blog friends...I share your love of comments. On the days I get multiple comments I feel especially loved.

  7. LOL.. yeah, that's definitely a good one.


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