Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

I'm so proud to show you pictures of Arkansas' beauty. I hope you never think I'm braggin', I just want to entice to to come visit us here in the Natural State! This gentleman was trout fishing this week just below the dam on White River with his great-grandson. The temps were in the 90's but the water was a cool 60 degrees. They were from Sulphur Springs, not far and like us they had came over for the day, to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature... and if they caught a few trout, then all the better!
I've been keeping something from you though... a dirty little secret that embarrasses me and makes me furious at the same time. Less than half a mile from our house is a public swim area on Beaver Lake that looks like this.
You can see our boat dock in the distance in this picture. Just across the cove, people come everyday and swim, have snacks and meals,  change babies diapers, drink a little too much and then leave it all for us to pick up. Twice a year our POA walks the road picking up trash. You don't want to know what we have to see, trust me.
I can tell they had a good time by what they leave behind... 
Glass bottles everywhere- 
I can tell these people have "expendable income," food is spilled everywhere. 

They had good luck catching a fish-
-then cleaned it and cooked it over an illegal campfire.
They spend the day defacing corp of engineer property to make their own "lake toys."

They destroy culverts that the county just installed last year by parking alongside the road clearly marked "Do Not Park on Shoulder."

Somewhere out there are people who are missing shirts and shoes... 

-and a pair of red underwear! Any takers?


  1. Oh Joyce, Such a beautiful place. So sad people take advantage and don't care to help keep it clean for all to enjoy. Makes you wonder how these folks were raised up as children, and what their own places might look like. With our heat here in the south, that water sure looks welcoming to me. Take care and have a great weekend.
    Thru Nanas Window

  2. That is so frustrating to see the trash that people leave behind. It's so irresponsible. And what's sad..most of these people are 'adults'.
    On another note..sure looks like a great place to swim!

  3. It infuriates me the way people leave their trash behind! I see the same thing in my neck of the woods!

  4. Arkansas is a beautiful state. It's so sad when people don't see the need to clean up after themselves. Someone once said you should leave a place better than when you came, not the other way around.

  5. A lack of respect if never pretty and adds a burden to those who care.

  6. So sad...people like this..their mama's must not have taught them anything! ;/

  7. Unfortunately, people like that are everywhere. Reminds me of the kind that have rented my property over the years. "Hey, it ain't mine, what do I care".

  8. I wish Americans would clean up their acts and appreciate what we have more. This abuse and neglect of property is all over America. Destorying the beauty we have.
    These people are nasty at home you can bet... have a no respect for anything . so sad....

  9. I think people who do this sort of thing are ignorant and thoughtless, rather than simply careless. They don't realize that it's not just what they are negligent in doing, it's the sum of many people behaving careless that equals a GREAT mess. You live in such a beautiful area of natural beauty. Shqme on those who leave their trash behind.

  10. Thank you for cleaning up...some people just do not think at all. I always treat a place as if it were mine and do not leave trash except in it's proper place.

    I am from Arkansas and do believe it is one to the top most beautiful states in our country.

  11. I KNOW! It is such a shame!!! Our parents teach us to pick up after ourselfs but somehow, somewhere i am not sure that parents still do that!

    Such a beautiful place and then people mess it up...

    I hope it will get better but i am afraid not...


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