Thursday, July 28, 2011

Five Pounds

Five Guys Burgers opened here this week, we haven't been yet but will have to go and try them out. They are the fastest growing chain in the US right now, many say they are the best fast food burger you can get. My "benchmark" is Red Robin, I love their Bleu Bacon Cheeseburger, the one with a whole day's calories in one meal. That one! They cost $8.49 but it comes with endless fries, not a good me!

I don't know if I ever mentioned, but my family didn't eat out a lot when I was growing up. Mom made healthy meals and fast food was just not something they did. I was married before I ever had a McDonald's burger. Really! I think they were a quarter in 1970, it wasn't nearly as good as I thought it would be. It was plain and dry and skinny. I've heard that Five Guys is a little pricey for a fast food joint. A burger and fries are in the $12 range, add a soda and tax and that's what a steak costs at some restaurants.

It's ironic that in 1970 when we were newlyweds we could "afford the calories" but not the burger. Now, we can afford the burger but not the calories! Life is not fair...


  1. bummer..definitely not fair! Still a fun treat every once and just have to make it lunch and dinner. I like In&Out burgers...pretty good and around $4.00 for burger and fries..

  2. I quit eating beef around 2000, 2001. On a rare day I will eat beef. I went to Five Guys to see what all the fuss was about...I didn't think it was that good and the small (?) burger sat in my stomach for a good 24 hours. Ew.

    xo, Cheryl
    p.s. My family never ate out,either. I was in the 8th grade before I ate in a restaurant and that was with a gal friend's family!

  3. We like Red Robin but our little granddaughter LOOOOOVVVVVEEES Red Robin - Yummmmmm. I haven't heard of this new burger joint. It will probably be a good while before one shows up anywhere near here. You'll have to do a post review once you go.

  4. Ha, Ha..Same here, we can afford the $$ not the calories! Never mind that though, as we have been on the hunt for the best burger and fries and rate the burger by the # of napkins used, 5 being the best but if the fries aren't great then some napkin 3's get removed, by the photo it looks like this might be a contender..I don't know if we have it here but will check it out now.

  5. LOL that is so true...never thought of it that way. Hubby and I share many of our meals when we go out and it helps a little on the calories.

  6. Hi Joyce, That burger and fries looks great. We have Red Robin and Five Guys here. You have lots more to choose from at Red Robins. Love Five Guys but just get a reg. order of fries and share. You get way to many for one person. Calories,,, check out the pictures on my blog from lunch yesterday. I should starve all day today! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  7. If you are ever down towards Russellville, you have to stop at Whattaburger. It's not the chain but it is the absolute best burger of all time. Get the double, double. that's double meat and double cheese. MMMMMmmmm.

  8. This burger does look tempting.
    I don't think I'll ever get near a Five Guys joint, so I'll just have to settle for my DH's juicey burger.
    My Mom and I always treated ourselves to A&W on our once a week shopping day. Then a chaser of DQ! Other than that we never ate out either.
    But if I go out now I figure I'll worry about the calories later!

  9. No Girl, it's not fair, that's why sometimes we just must cheat a little. *snicker

  10. Five Guys burgers and fries are YUMALICIOUS! We had them for the first time in Florida...honestly we didn't even think about the calories at the time, we were enjoying it so much!
    Our big family treat was A&W coneydogs and root beer on Tuesdays when coneys were only 25¢!
    Life was good~ Kathy

  11. The Five Guys burgers are good. Not greasy. Just get one order of fries and share them cause they are way too much for one person to eat. Our local Five Guys is really good but like every other franchise it just depends on who owns the franchise as to how the food tastes, cleaniness, etc. We've gone to some chain restaurants where the food was horrible and then went to another one in the chain and they were great.

    We didnt go out much when we were growing up either not until we were in high school. Just couldnt afford to and there werent that many restaurants to go to near our house. When we did go it was for special occasions, birthdays, etc. Mom's cooking was always better anyways :)

  12. I is backwards! This looks like a meal and a half..YUM! :D

  13. It's ironic that in 1970 when we were newlyweds we could "afford the calories" but not the burger. Now, we can afford the burger but not the calories! Life is not fair...

    "PRICELESS!" (can I have your brain?)

  14. We still don't eat out much....I hate the high cost of everything!

    I always think that I have the meat in the freezer, the homemade buns....why not just go home and make them myself.

    It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!


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