Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keys to Happiness

When you're 11, the keys to happiness can be as easy as a car show. Put together some old classics...

Add a few antique cars---
...and a truck or two and you have the ingredients for a fun day!

If you add some firemen using the Jaws of Life, it's instant
"Guy Magnet Entertainment!"
Just look at their faces, rapt* attention!
*adjective -
1. deeply engrossed or absorbed: a rapt listener.
2. transported with emotion; enraptured: rapt with joy.
3. showing or proceeding from rapture: a rapt smile.

The whole time, GRANDson Gavin's eye was on the prize... the key that hung in the ignition of this car. At 11 he's got collections. Keys and locks, he has old ones and new ones and unusual ones.
He came away this day with a key that tells a story. Maybe he'll remember how Firemen save lives or maybe he'll just remember a nice fall day spent with grandparents at a car show.
But make no mistake, the key was the PRIZE!


  1. Oh, how simple eleven was :-)

  2. It's great that your grandson has that memento of the day. We watched a similar demonstration last year. It was amazing.

  3. CUTE story. What is it with men and cars? I guess kind of like women and makeup.
    I love keys, too!
    xo, Cheryl

  4. That is funny..their faces that is! I love the red pick up, give me those keys! ;D

  5. I would like the beige 1939 vehicle, if you please... and... do you have any grey poupon?


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