Friday, August 19, 2011

Butch's Small Fortune

I have a retraction to make ~
Wednesday when I said that the Doling Park Pooch inherited millions, I misspoke. It wasn't was thousands, $98,500 to be exact. Accounting for inflation, that's more like $223,426 based on the
so it could still be considered a "Small Fortune!" One thing for sure, when Butch the Bulldog inherited the money in 1983 from his master William"Billy" Morrison, he was first in line for a
Real Gravy Train!

Some of Billy's heirs contested the will, but it was in writing, a trust fund had been set up and was overseen by caretaker Ruby Keen with a list of Butch's likes and dislikes. He had his own armchair where he liked to spend his days watching television and eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. Daily she filled his bowl with only ice water and took him for rides in a van that he also inherited. Nights he slept like a baby... in a baby bed!  The good life continued until 1992 when Butch went to that big dog park in the sky at the ripe old age of 12. At that point, the remaining funds went to the heirs, including Ruby who had cared for Butch lovingly through the years.

Who says loyalty is just a trait for dogs?

*Thanks to Buck Van Hooser on Facebook's Springfield, Missouri page for sharing a link to the Los Angeles Times article that appeared HERE.


  1. Maybe that's what I should do - leave my jewelry to my dogs.....

  2. Ah! The dog's life! That lucky dog!!...:)JP

  3. still a lot of $$ for a dog! :)

  4. I have so many critters, there would be a terrible battle over WHO should inherit the barn! I guess I will just leave my "millions" ha, ha, to my sons.
    It sounds like your grandson is going to enjoy his art classes, they were my favorite in high school.

  5. Sometimes dogs are more worthy than people and I've never seen a dog, yet, that will contest a will.

  6. I remember when that happened, but I had forgotten all about it.

    Thanks for the update.


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