Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lawmakers finally reached an agreement to raise the debt limit last night, just before the deadline. Today a final vote will set the deal and keep America running, at least for the time being. Not too thrilled with the stubborn, bickering children in Washington that we call politicians. I'm wondering if there is anyone who can fix the mess we are in. 

Very much like this overweight child, Debt has grown to giant proportions. It seems to me that all lawmakers want to do is point fingers and lay blame. Is it the Republicans or the Democrats fault? Was it the previous administration or this one? Doesn't really matter, what we have to do now is put him a diet and reduce this monster before it gets any worse.

When my Mother went into nursing care in 2005, she was private pay. She had saved diligently for old age. Honestly, I thought she had enough that she would never have to rely on Medicaid to step in. That was before I entered the realm of nursing care. It's more expensive than the best hotel you have ever been to. The meals are served on melamine plates but cost as much as a meal at Ruth's Chris. Her 24 hour care in a quality nursing facility is now paid by Medicaid. She surrenders her monthly Social Security check and is allowed by Medicaid to keep only $40 for herself, that after "paying down" her savings to $2,000. That, in a nutshell, is how the system works.

Now it's my Father-in-law's turn to navigate the Medicaid waters. He's in the same boat as Mom, diligent saver, retired military, responsible American who lived his life in such a way that he never had to rely on anyone else to pay his bills. Time will take it's toll on his savings too and he will have to step up to the Medicaid counter just like Mom did. I wonder if someday those doors will be closed permanently to any programs for assistance? It scares me because I'm in line too, just a little farther back.


  1. Call me cynical but I just can't help wondering if this "down to the last minute" thing was all hype to get folks all stirred up just so the politicians could do what they wanted to do in the first place and come out looking like they'd dodged a bullet. I hope that makes sense.

    On your post from yesterday - the forecasted high here for Tues is 112 and Wednesday it's 114. Whew! Try to stay cool.

  2. Joyce, This post so hits home, and I have to say I feel your concerns. The same thing happened to my mother when she entered the nursing home many years ago. My Daddy worked and saved his whole life and other than what's allowed mother is broke. Her house was still in her name because of her stubborness and we eventually sold it and paid all that to the nursing home, as we were not financially able to pay taxes and ins. on it until she passed and they would have gotten it anyway. Its a no win situation. Mother is on hospice now, but so sad things could have not been different. Have a great day

  3. Personally I think that the politicians should have their annual salary withheld and put into "the pot." I mean they vacation as much as they want & continue to get paid. Between the House and the Senate that would be a NICE CHUNK OF CHANGE rather than going after us!...:)JP

  4. I have retreated and have no hope for the government what so ever. What they pass today will make no difference in anything except to kick the can down the road. I think it was a couple of years ago that I first heard of social security and medicaid / medicare as "entitlements"...I knew that was the beginning of the end.

  5. I'm in that same line and scared to death. Also realizing that my frugality has probably been a complete waste.

  6. Joycee
    I know what you mean. I look at the future and think I have all my ducks in a row. But with whats going on in Washington I really wonder there will be anything there when it's my turn to collect SS.
    The largest aggravation for me is the ridiculous waste in Washington-like studying the mating of shrimp, etc. And all the bureaucracy this administration keeps adding, instead of cutting back in government.
    Oh my, I'd better not get started!
    Sorry, sometimes you've just got to vent!

  7. It really irks me when I hear politicians refer to SS and to Medicare/caid as "entitlements", implying the money goes to ne'er do wells who want a hand-out from the government. Blech! The money they want is the money they paid and entrusted the government with it's care until they grew old and needed it. Everything which is broken needs to be fixed in a non-partisan way and I feel term limits is they way to begin...Sorry, didn't mean to get carried away.


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