Monday, August 1, 2011

Mother Nature, Still Hot!

Still hot. and. dry. This has been the hottest summer in Arkansas history. Never have we been this hot, this long. I think Mother Nature may be going through the change. We've definitely had some Hot Flashes this summer, Power Surges really, where a sudden rush of heat travels up your body. In fact, you can just count on Night Sweats. Everything is getting dry as a chip and her mood swings from the snowiest winter to the hottest summer has my head spinning.
We have triple digit days ahead of us and August has just started. I think she has forgotten how to have a normal summer. You know, bright sunny days in the upper 80's... cooling off to the low 70's at night, with a shower every few days. I'm going to do my part by watering the flower beds and trees and maybe... just maybe.... Mother Nature will come to her senses and cool off!


  1. We're having a weird dry hot summer too.

  2. I am right there with you.
    We even had a tropical storm fizzle out with no rain.

    It is so hard on farmers and ranchers in our area (South Texas).

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  3. You can send some our way, we seem to be having trouble getting to the 70's and keeping it there. Try to stay cool...somehow!

  4. I will not squawk once this winter, I will not squawk once this winter...

  5. I know, isn't it crazy. New York, where I'm working had a couple 108 degree days. That's insane

  6. You folks have had it rough in Arkansas! We check the weather for Little Rock pretty regular since our son lives there.... But thank heavens that he spends the summers in Alaska as a fishing guide or he'd be melted!


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