Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dog Inherits Millions

Friday nights we'd go to Katz out on Glenstone and then, if my brother and I were lucky and we'd been good all week, we'd go to the Doling Park Roller Rink. 

In the distance I could hear Gigglin' Gertie in front of the 'Funhouse.' She kind of creeped me out, she was a life size robot Fortune Teller who shook as she turned left to right, her eyes followed you! I don't think I ever put money in the machine, I would have peed my pants first! 

I couldn't wait to get inside the roller rink, rent my skates and get out on the old maple floors. Round and round we'd skate to the live organ music coming from the little glass booth up above the stands.

There's a new page on Facebook that I've been glued to since I found it last week...

You know your from Springfield, Mo. if...

Pictures and memories and even some untold stories that are filling in the blanks in my memory. This is how it looks on Facebook, read the entries and you will see why I'm hooked like a big fish...

My great-uncle/aunt ran the rink. Billy & Lillian. You really remember it if you knew Blackie! Broke my knee on that rink. Recall the original organ?? Gosh, I think that means I am old.
August 5 at 9:11am ·

Yes, yes its where I first went skating and I was so little I had to have my wheels locked so I could be walked around the rink by my aunts and cousins. Good times!
August 5 at 9:13am ·

Didn't Billy & Lillian's son or grandson take over the rink and they retired. I can't remember the guys name right now but I do remember he had a son and his name was Chris...
August 5 at 9:16am ·

I don't think they had any children. They are the ones that left their money to the dog. Made national news. Maybe Chris (?) was the son of their partners in the amusement park??
August 5 at 9:18am ·

Oh are right...I thought they were bad...I was on the speed skating team for a few years and Chris was on it also...from what I remember he thought he was God's gift to
August 5 at 9:20am ·


I knew a Kathy Blevins that figured skated there...and a redheaded gal whose name was Patricia...I went to the Saturday morning dancing lessons class...stayed for afternoon skating...then speed skating practice...then evening
August 5 at 9:25am ·
Memories in snipits, sometimes! funny

August 5 at 9:29am ·
Now I'm off to Google Billy and Lillian's dog who inherited millions, I missed that one!


  1. I was a skating rink kid too. My older sisters would take me and Jackie and my little brother. Loved it!

  2. what fun memories to share via FB!

  3. Great memories...all of what childhood should be made up of! :D

  4. I grew up in a rink and so did my kids! I coached and they competed. Lots of good memories from those years.

  5. I wish the area I grew up in, did a page on Facebook like yours did...just what I need another way to soend more time looking at this screen instead of doing...what? lol

  6. My small town has one of these FB pages. It is a lot of fun to see what people remember.


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