Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not my pice of poo...

Some of you assumed that those hilarious letters yesterday were from MY kids. Actually, those letters were shared on my Facebook and I thought they were hilarious! I should always tell you up front where it's from. You probably read it and thought, "Wait a minute, she just said she has daughters, who's the little boy with the rash on his P-nus!!!" I often do the blog while watching tv at night, probably not the best idea!
Lots of stuff going on at my house right now. My father in law had surgery 6 weeks ago and has been in re-hab. This week we have transferred him to the VA nursing home here. There was a lot of paperwork... a Lot of paperwork. He's retired military and will benefit from being with other men and women who served their country. We hope he will able to come home eventually, he's gaining his strength back a little at a time.

So... if  I write things a little disjointed you guys can guess if something is going on in my life or it's just crazy ol' me writing the blog while she's watching tv!


  1. Please thank your father-in-law for his service for our country. I pray that he continues his healing and will be good as new soon!

    Disjointed thinking is totally normal to me so I wouldn't notice a problem, hahahaha!

  2. Joyce, Sending up prayers for your father in law. Hoping for a speedy recovery. I know about all that paperwork as you know with Mother being in the nursing home. It never ends as she was up for review this week and I have been covered in paperwork. Same old stuff they recieve copies of every year. Bet they throw it out as they have the same thing on file from the very beginning. Want to jusst write on there,,, no changes, check your file. Our goverment can really upset me sometime. Sorry for the rambling, hoping you have a great day.

  3. thoughts and prayers for your father in law. Don't worry, cutie, we all get disjointed occasionally...:)JP


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