Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm in a rut, a blogging rut. It looks just like the picture above. Hard as I try, I end up blogging the same old stuff just with different pictures. Maybe it's my life, I don't have too much excitement here on Granny Mountain. That's not to say I don't stay busy, I'm busier than a one-eyed cat watchin' two mouse holes most of the time! So busy that I don't have me time. Time to have my hair cut. I went nearly 3 months this last time and let me tell you, I was beginning to look like a shaggy dog. I used to have my nails done, pretty french manicures so I looked like I had a "life of leisure." It was all smoke and mirrors, I never had that kind of life! It's so daily, things that keep you beautiful. 

I think I've come down with a summer cold. At first I thought it was allergy, but as rotten as I feel today it's most likely a cold. No surprise really, I've been in 3 nursing homes last week and visited the offices of several health care facilities. Duh, that's where germs like to hang out! I felt so bad over the weekend that I had to bow out of dinner plans to celebrate my GRANDson's birthday. That's pretty sick for me! I don't turn down a party or a chance to eat out unless I'm on my death bed.

The one good thing about being sick is you have a good excuse to take a nap. Saturday afternoon I went upstairs, turned back the covers and took a long snooze. It was delicious! Then yesterday I actually looked at blogs. I read my favs and then I blog-hopped just like I used to do when I was a newbie! I found some new ones to love, that's good news/bad news!

I have a lot in common with Janie Fox Talks, she's into this gig called "Grandma" and like me she "is a big fan of run-on sentences and the 3 dots (...)!!! I told her I was stealing her latest good idea, bullets for blogs. It's the best way I know to pull together this disjointed life I have and summarize my week of chaos. Thank you Janie and here we go... (just had to go to the 3 dot thing and get it out of my system!)

  • Last week was a hard one, I had words with one lawyer and two health care professionals.
  • I think the heat may be affecting my good mood.
  • I've run out of ideas what sounds good for over 100 degree days.
  • The dog's rash is worse, probably the heat but he has it in the winter too :o(
  • When the weather cools off, I have about 2 months of outside work to do.
  • We have 3 more summer birthdays to celebrate so I'm warning you ahead of time that I will blog about them!
  • The Netflix thing is working out. I wasn't sure we'd watch movies again since we had almost got out of the habit. It's kind of nice to have something other than the History Channel or Housewife's of New Jersey to watch!
  • I still need a vacation.


  1. The heat is making everyone feel yucky.

    The dog might have an allergy.. food or environmental.

    I might just try it that easy?

    Blog when you feel like it. If you don't, then it's a chore, not a pleasure.

    I hope this week is a better one for you :-)

  2. I believe you may be in a blue funk!
    That's a term my Sis came up with and I think it describes it perfectly.

    I am coming around to thinking that blogging should be viewed like professisonal writers. Just do it daily; write something, don't worry about it being cute or interesting. I find that the longer I don't post the less I want to!

    I'll read it if you just say you had a bad day and did nothing.....lots of people will identify with that!

  3. Joycee
    . You don't blog about the same things-I always love your post!
    . I would look like a melted candle lying in a heap on the floor if I lived were the weather was as hot as yours! So you have a perfectly legitimate excuse for not doing yardwork!
    .I know what you mean about finding new blogs-I'm thrilled, but that means I'm going to spend even more time at my computer.
    Has anyone got a system out there for a sane blogging schedule?
    . Don't mind those personal birthday post-we all love to brag about the grandkids
    .Hope you get over that cold real soon!
    Take care-Kimberly

  4. I KNOW what you mean. I am just sitting here, right now, thinking... I really should put up a post, but what? My mind is a blank. I guess I will have to have one of the chickens write one for me.

  5. Sorry you are under the weather...summer is a horrible time to have a cold....We all get in these ruts but it will pass....take care of one else will do it for you.

  6. Hope you are feeling better today! Nothing worse than a summer cold....well except for the naps are pretty sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog I enjoyed visiting yours. Your Grandson and my daughter are the same age heading down that same last year of HS's scary!

  7. It seems to me that you have lots to blog about..and you have something different all the your blog! ;D

  8. Girl, if you want to see what a "real" rut is, step into my life and brain. You'll jump up and down with joy, the minute you step out. Your posts are always amazing!

    Sorry you're feeling lousy. This weather is kicking butts and taking names. I don't think I'll be the only one ready to see a change of season.

    Feel better.

  9. I really don't think there is much excitement anywhere this summer, because it has been so Darn Hot. Now that it cooler, maybe more can be done and get done.

    Lets enjoy the cooler Weather while we can.

  10. It is true, I think I live on the surface of the sun. I have told my flowers in pots...die I dare you. Then it rained and they thumbed their noses at me. Thanks for the shout out. I am digging our connection... and those dots are addicting!!

  11. Sorry about the cold! It just doesn't seem right to get a cold in the summer! The thing I love about blogging is thqt you can be in a rut for a while or even quit for a while and everyone is sooooo understanding! If I were there I would help push you out of that rut! Keep enjoying the naps while you can!


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