Saturday, August 6, 2011

NOT Lazy Bones!

Jackson's senior year is going to be a busy one, he has lots to accomplish this last year of high school. I'm not saying he's a Lazy Bones, he's just not really thought of his life plan until the last couple of years.
Jackson's job title at Subway is "Sandwich Artist," but if you got to know him better you'd realize he is so much more than that.  
Grandparents tend to see the best in their GRANDkids, we see his strengths. He is respectful and considerate. Like his Dad, he's a risk taker. Like his Mom, he's impulsive. 
At 17, his life is spread out before him like a big buffet... Golden Corral if you can imagine. No matter whether he's choosing salad or dessert, the possibilities are endless! He can have what he wants of this buffet, but it's a little harder than just paying the all you can eat price. 
This is the year that it all becomes REAL, the year he chooses his path in life or a least gets a map to where he's going! We are going to be there on the sidelines cheering him on, 
"You can do it, Jackson!"
17 years ago today Jackson came into our lives and the world changed forever! We stood outside that nursery window oohing and aahing over him. Actually the two Grandmas mistakenly were fussing over the wrong baby, but once we got that straightened out we were letting everyone know that this child was destined for greatness! 


  1. I think it is hard to grasp the enormity of life at 17! When I think back to that time, I know that I didn't realize all the possibilities before me!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jackson, and Such a sweet post in his honor. Wishing him a great school year and the best as he prepares for his future.

  3. Jackson is in for one great year. So many memories to be made starting with his 17th birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jackson! God bless the path you choose and may he guide you safely to the destination of your dreams.

  5. Jackson will be a success at whatever he decides upon. With a strong, loving family beside him, he can't go wrong...BTW, he's very handsome!!

  6. Oh Yes!! I remember the neverending whirl of days and activities that were Sr. Year. Seemed that my boys were burning their candles at both ends.
    Good luck to Jackson!!


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