Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our thoughts and prayers are with residents along the East coast that are facing the effects of Hurricane Irene. If you've ever been in a flood or evacuation, you know the utter fear they are feeling right now as they are desparate to find a safe place to ride out the storm.

We lived on Lake McQueeney in South Texas in 1998 when heavy rains caused massive flooding. Our neighborhood was a disaster along the waterfront with 12 foot of water in homes. We were evacuated by the National Guard and didn't have any idea that we would come back the next day to a dry house. Since we lived 2 blocks up from the waterfront homes, our house escaped flooding. It came to the edge of our garage, you could see the water mark up along the bricks. There were weeks of clean-up, you don't know where to start after the water takes it all downstream.

Regardless of whether you have flood insurance, so much is lost. Not just furniture and clothing, it's the important things like family albums or china that had belonged to your Great Grandmother can't ever be replaced. Gone. We pulled together and helped with whatever we could during those weeks that stretched into months. Something as simple as a meal or clean clothes means the world to someone who's lost their home.

With so many affected, this storm is shaping up to be yet another storm of the century. We've already had one of those here with last winter's bitter cold, ice and snow. I feel like saying, "What's next Mother Nature?"


  1. Was that the October '98 flooding? We've had so many they start to run together.

  2. extreme heat and drought, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, severe winter snows - this year has been extreme in so many ways...

  3. Good morning from Lebanon counties Amish community. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. It was the 1998 flood! The Guadalupe River flooded all the way south from New Braunfels with heavy rainfall. We lived on Lake McQueeney, the dam failed and it caused major flooding in our area.


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