Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pep in our Step!

We're all breathing a sigh of relief~Aahhhhh~the rains have cooled things off! We've had just shy of 4" in 2 days. Much appreciated and everyone is doing the Happy Dance here! Not just people either, every creature I saw today had a smile on their face, a pep in their step!
Magically overnight it seems the trees look green again, how can that be possible after so many 100 degree days?
The lake looks inviting again, there's more summer left to soak in the cool water!
Every spring the Canadian Geese return to our cove to raise their goslings. The babies have grown so much that now you can't tell who's Mama and who's baby!
 They are attentive parents teaching their offspring everything they need to know. All summer long they live along the lake eating grasses, seeds, berries, small fish and insects. Every trip to town I see them swimming in the cove or lounging in the shade. Then one crisp fall day we hear the familiar honking and look up to see them leaving. Perfect V's high in the clouds, nature calls them to migrate farther South.
My little buddy that's lived under the hostas all summer is going to enjoy the rain, bask in the sun and count himself as very lucky to live here on Granny Mountain!


  1. Ahhhhh...I love the turtles. Nice post. Nothing like rain to cool everyone/everything off and replenish.
    xo, Cheryl

  2. As I was leaving our house yesterday I just know I saw our grass doing the happy dance in the rain. Really, I did!

  3. So happy for you to get some relief from the heat...nice pictures.

  4. Good morning Joyce, Great pictures. Love the geese and the turtle. Glad you have had rain and cooler temps. That lake sure looks inviting. We have geese that fly over in early fall and go to the lake behind the house. Love that sound, and love their formation when flying. A sure sign fall is on the way. Hoping a good weekend is in store for you. Take care

  5. I loved the critter pics. That lake in the background looks so refreshing.
    I do believe you are living the "good life"!

    You surely beat us in the rain amount. We are still at 1.25 inches.

  6. I'm surprised the Canadian geese ever leave. Around here they've taken up residence year round, and the population just keeps growing. Sometimes I have to stop to let them cross the road when I'm leaving my neighborhood.

  7. Joycee, I just spent this past weekend on Beaver Lake at a friend's cabin. I was there for the storm on Sat. night. Glad we didn't lose power. It would have been hot very quickly. A beautiful place to live. Your photos are beautiful. I think I've told you before that I had seen your beautiful home in the At Home in Ark. laurie

  8. Yay for you getting rain! We just now have summer and this morning as I was in the mountains, I saw fall leaves!!! I have never seen a real turtle like this..cute! :D

  9. Such pretty pics! Send us some rain please.

  10. How lucky for you to get rain! I'm still waiting for some.

  11. I feel refreshed just reading! So thankful for the rain.

  12. It is amazing what some rain will do after a long, hot, thirsty summer! The leaves are all cleaned of the dust that had collected and the trees have drunk what they could! Maybe now we will get a pretty Autumn!

    Nice meeting you, BTW!

  13. Oh how wonderful that you got some rain!!
    Love the turtle photos!
    Arkansas has been taking a beating this year. Our son lives in Little Rock for most of the year and works in the summer in Alaska. I'm sooooo glad he wasn't there for the 110 degree days last week!

  14. Joycee
    So glad you finally have some relief from that awful heat!
    I hope the cooler weather holds for you!
    Take care-Kimberly

  15. Teeeheeee! Oh those geese, let me tell YOU, they are here to in Minnesota. One early September day as I was driving to school, there was a whole crowd of these magnificent birds in the road, blocking my passage. They would not move. I honked my horn, AND THEY HONKED BACK!!!! I think the leader of the group, or the dad, LIFTED HIS WINGS and boldly approached my car and honked! As if he were saying, "I'M WALKIN' HERE!" Oh nature, how I love it so!

    Dearest, thank you for visiting me last night with such KIND WORDS!!! I have been learning a lot about writing this summer. It will take stages of practice, practice, observation and much disappointment. Ahhhh...but it is so fun to try.

    ENJOY yet another fine but waning summer day!!!! Anita

  16. I was thinking the male geese might be the bigger ones like you said, but I wasn't sure. The smallers geese acted most catty which led me to think that just maybe they were female. =)

  17. The rain was so welcome!


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