Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Feel Pukey

Ever see this code on your phone? A PUK is a set of numbers that is used to unblock your SIM card. If you've ever seen this code you know the PANIC that I felt the other night when I was in SETTINGS and somehow felt I needed to reset my pin only to get myself in the PUKEY CODE. The phone was basically locked "tight as Dick's Hatband!" I tried to call ATT, but in my state of panic I called the automated number and it went around the barn about 50 times in MENU MODE. I was sweating and yelling at the poor automated voice before I realized that morning would bring me the answer to this perplexing problem that I caused by fiddling with my fone.

Sure enough, morning dawned and a call to the correct 1-800 number got me a person who w.a.l.k.e.d me through the fix. I did everything they told me, I did the Hokey Pokey and I turned myself around and was able to unlock the PUK Page. Word to the wise, you can only do this 3X and then it fries your SIM card. I won't be thinking I'm smarter than the average phone anymore!


  1. Well I learned something new this morning!

  2. Glad you were able to get it all worked out and hope I never experience it.

  3. sometimes technology is wonderful. Sometimes it is MADDENING!
    I have a droid. First few days...I wanted to throw it out the window while driving down the road! xo, Cheryl

  4. I panic at the thought of even upgrading my little, no frills phone. My brain balks at new technology!

  5. I've had my Droid for 3 months and STILL haven't used everything on it!...:)JP

  6. I have a six year old flip phone that basically accepts calls and dials out. I do have voicemail but basically EVERYTHING ELSE (text, www, etc) is disabled ...on purpose ... by yours truly. I can't help it. I'm old school. If I want to surf the web, I want a COMPUTER (not a phone) to do it on. My flip phone when opened up actually reaches from my ear to my mouth ...I like that. These new fangled rectangular fancy phones look like an oversized credit card or an undersized hand calculator. If the speaker is up to your ear, it's three inches from your mouth ...and vice versa. Craziness. Did I mention I'm old school?


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