Sunday, May 22, 2011

All Aboard to Happiness

When you're in the trenches, the middle years of your marriage... it gets harder and harder to make time for each other. Romance, what's that??? You're lucky if you have 5 minutes of conversation with each other a day and those minutes are often interrupted with

"Mom, can you help me find"
"Dad, I need money for"

You have to make the time or it will never happen. That's just what our SON-in-law did when he made reservations for a day long train ride that took them to the top of the scenic Boston Mountains and into the historic Arkansas River Basin.
The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad is one of the few commercial lines left in the United States that operates both freight and passenger service. Passengers travel the regular working rails in refurbished antique passenger or parlor coaches. It's the perfect way to recapture memories of an era long gone. 

"Enjoy a day long, 134 mile scenic round trip to historic Van Buren aboard one of our vintage passenger cars. With passenger cars dating from the early 1900s, the Excursion Train is comprised of enclosed coaches offering coach, club and First Class seating. The A & M also features the opportunity to ride in our classic caboose. Sit back, enjoy the great views and visit with friends and family as you travel through the foothills of the Boston Mountains, across our three high trestles (approx. 120 ft high) and through the 1700 ft tunnel at Winslow. A live narration along the way covers local history and key points of interest. During your 2-3 hour layover in historic downtown Van Buren enjoy lunch in one of several local cafes, shop along Main St and enjoy the rich architecture of the historic downtown buildings."

For more details and reservations, click HERE and plan a trip today!
Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Ken!


  1. Looks like an amazing adventure!

  2. That looks like something I would enjoy!

  3. We have always made time for ourselves. We started when the kids were young and we did a babysitting exchange with our neighbors.
    Our sons are grown and we still try to get away from the home front regularly.

  4. What a great guy! If the Pres ever took me on one of those, I'd be nervous over that trestle!!!...:)JP


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