Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a Mom is one of the best jobs you'll ever have, but these are the top 10 things that no one will ever tell you about Motherhood...

1. That things happen in the delivery room that are never spoken of, because if they were, human reproduction would end! When Stephanie was born in 1970, it wasn't even an option to have anyone other than Me, Dr. Brown and the nurses in the delivery room. By the time Amy came along in 1979, they would allow Jerry to come in...he said 'No thanks' and I was glad. I didn't really want him in there. I know, old fashioned! Things have really changed and birthing suites are common now where the whole family can join in on the joyful event. I just remember my husbands' face after he visited the delivery room following the birth of our first Grandson Jackson....all he ever said was he could never be a doctor!
2. That I would regret saying I'd never raise my kids like I was raised. Most of us go the opposite direction in raising our kids, until that doesn't work then we try it like Mom and Dad did! The "Clean Your Plate Club" was not practiced in our house but bedtime was!
3. That it's ok for your kids to have cookies for breakfast, just not everyday. Once Mom's read the ingredients on cereal or breakfast bars, it's not hard to figure out your own oatmeal raisin cookies are superior to anything that comes from the store!
4. That children have meltdowns. That on some days, parents have meltdowns. Just don't have them the same day! Unfortunately, a two year olds' meltdown is often followed by Moms' meltdown!
5. That there is no such thing as taking the kids for a quick trip to the store. I see it happen everytime I shop. Moms with kids in tow trying their best to gather up groceries in a timely manner, it never works. The faster you go, the slower the kids are!
6. That when you say,"You can have a cookie after lunch," a child only hears "cookie." Or if you tell them you are doing something fun they will drive you crazy asking when is it time to go?
7.That dogs and kids really are made for each other. Cats, rats, bunnies, horses... it really doesn't matter what the animal. Kids learn so much from having a pet.
8. That your Mom actually did know something about child rearing.
She learned just like you, from experience! Does that mean that we "practice" on the first one?
9. That it would be this hard. The hardest job you will ever do, but the perks are great...hugs and kisses!
10. That it would be this awesome. The first time you see that face, you are hopelessly in love! Everything from that point on has new meaning and purpose.


  1. Funny how the times change. My husband was in the delivery room for three kids, with the first experience, he had to take classes. Now is so different. I was involved with the delivery of each of my grandchildren and wouldn't trade it for the world! My first grandchild was born in my home and that was amazing! Plus, the birth of my grandchildren was much more pleasurable than when it was me giving birth.

  2. My husband learned to deliver babies in state police school, but had no desire to be in same room when each of our 7 children were born! That was OK with me,since they do that back then anyway. Had a lot to learn, but loved every minute of being a Mom. Being a grandma is just frosting on the cake. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  3. Should have said "since they didn't do that back then anyway".

  4. Took me YEARS to figure out #5!!
    Good job, Ms. Granny Mountain!


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