Friday, May 6, 2011

When I visited Mom this week we looked at one of her many photo albums. The one that stays with her at Jamestown is full of her life. We made this one together after she moved away from the farm. Dementia robs one of present day, but Mom's memories of long ago are strong. She can name the people in the photos taken in 1946, she recognizes the house in Santa Cruz where she and Daddy started their life together and she sees expression in faces. The look her Mom had in a Thanksgiving photo as she sits down finally to a huge spread of food, made with love and served with pride.

Mom says, "Look how glad Mother was to have us all there!"

She sees my brother and remembers him as a child, all round and chubby in his little Red Ryder wagon. She sees Daddy and says, "He's so handsome in his Army uniform!" She recognizes my Aunt Joy, her sister-in-law...but can't call her name. I fill in the blanks and she turns the pages. The pages of her life.

It's hard for families going through this decline in memory and sometimes health too. But it's the little things that add meaning to a person's life. Taking the time to go back as we go forward. Get those photo albums out and sit down with someone you love, share the memories...


  1. Dementia and Alzheimer's are so terribly unfair. It's a given that old ages robs us of so much, but to lose our mind and memories, and still have relatively healthy bodies, is doubly tragic. God bless anyone suffering as well as the families that love them.

    My mother's case was the opposite. She had her mind and was trapped inside her body. I'm not sure which would be worse.

  2. You are so caring and compassionate. I love the advice you give in this post. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Wonderful advice!...

    Happy Mothers Day to you -

  4. Dearest Joycee,

    It is indeed a joy to peruse the pages of times past that give us never-ending present cheers and even tears; thank you for coming to share with my tribute to a woman whose gentle spirit remains to be the SOLID ROCK of love's epitome.

    Have a joyful day, Anita


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