Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Eye to the Sky

We're learning more about weather this year than I ever wanted to know. Me and the weather channel are best buddies. I've added a weather app to my phone and our land line gets calls from Benton County Preparedness. Technology has stepped up the way we get warned of bad weather just in time.

Keeping an eye on the sky isn't a bad idea either. When the clouds look ominous, it's probably a good idea to head home or someplace safe.

This spring, we've been in the red zone lots of times. Not a good place to be.

Rain, rain and more rain. The Ozarks are blessed with lots of lakes and they are all FULL.

Night time tornadoes are hard to see, radar is a Godsend to warn us.

 It makes for a sleepless night when you get this report before going to bed...

...or wake up to this hitting your roof!

I was glad to see the sun yesterday, even if it was short lived!

All pictures from Arkansas Severe Weather Watchers.


  1. I am so sorry for the bad weather that has been happening. Don't think I could stand the stress of it. I think I will try not to complain about our heat this year.

  2. We have been really windy here, but compared to the South...nothing! I'm amazed at what's been happening in your "neck of the woods." I'm glad you are doing OK and hope Mother Nature will take a chill pill!

  3. Oh my! there would have me on pins and needles!!!...:)JP

  4. It is a super crazy Spring..and my heart is just hurting for all those that have had their lives turned every which way by it all.

  5. Are my eyes deceiving me, or that one cloud doing what I think it is doing?? Those are some scary, scary clouds. When I see clouds like that I am out of there. Please be safe. There are lots of people praying for all of you.

  6. We had hail this morning, but not much rain. We've had very little rain for 3 months. I'm sure we'll have our share, before long and I'll probably be needing a boat!

  7. I think someone has been photo shopping clouds... but I sort of agree with the sentiment! This weather has been so weird lately. Thunderstorms here, every other day. Fortunately, our weekend promises blue skies... which really helps when doing an artshow OUTSIDE.

  8. those cloud photos are beautiful. they just are. We have been glued to the weather channel, too. Last night we had tornado warning after tornado warning. Is it just me or does the one pic look like a hand with the "flip off finger" up?
    hmmmmm??? xo, Cheryl

  9. I am both fascinated and frightened by all the turbulent weather. The beauty of the skies with lightening and swirling clouds then the HORROR of the carnage left behind. It is such a meeting of two opposites. I am so saddened by all the loss of life and the pain and suffering.


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