Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nothing Short of a Miracle

This morning I want to tell you about a MIRACLE. Really. Our senior citizen Cocker Spaniel Ben has been suffering with an immune system disorder caused from years of steriod and antibiotic use. He's a typical Cocker with ear, eye and skin problems. Inheirant to the breed vets tell us. He was a rescue dog who came to us by way of a broken heart...read about that HERE. He was pretty healthy when we got him, guessing his age at 1-3 years old he was an adult dog who didn't "fit" into his previous family. We welcomed him with open arms and had no idea what was ahead of us.

It wasn't long before ear infections became common. Vet visits...drops, washes and pills. Two weeks of meds, then ok for a short time until another round of infection and more meds. More visits, more meds. Try this, try that...two drops 4X daily, 1 pill 2X daily, flush with K-9 solution. Malaseb, Batril Otic, Miconazole, Otomax, Ketoclor...you get the idea. Ear infections, eye infections and then the big one, skin infections. Yeast, then secondary bacterial infections.We changed his diet, we added probiotic and enzymes and vitamins. But still he was miserable, we were miserable and the house was beginning to smell like old man feet. Not because an old man lived here, because Ben lived here.

I could write pages on this but I'm not going to. I want to tell you that in one week a product has removed the yeast from him. It's called Vetericyn and it is nothing short of a miracle for human and animal use. Microcyn is the technology and it's saving people's lives right now. It's healing burn wounds and diabetic wounds and it's applications are changing the way medicine treats staph and MRSA, the most resistant to antibiotics.

Pass this along on Facebook or Twitter or send to a friend. A vet should have known about this, I found out on the Internet while searching. It was as simple as going to the feed store last Monday and buying one bottle of Vetericyn. Hundreds of dollars and 6 years or $29 at the feed store and one week to cured??? And really, we all need to look up Oculus Innovative Science and buy stock...right now.

 Please visit Vetericyn.com and read about this wonderful product!


  1. I am so happy you found a product to help Ben but I'm even happier that he found your family. Heaven only knows where he'd be now if he hadn't found his way to a loving forever home.

  2. I really hope readers will google this product made for animals and humans. It's new FDA approved technology that allows any wound or infection to heal at amazing rates. You Tube has several videos that show the results on patients at burn centers, diabetic would centers and animal success stories.

  3. I am glad you had such a commitment to Ben, and it paid off! A lesser person would have given up on the dear dog and sent him on his merry way... or not so merry way. Three cheers for veterycin, and three cheers for you and Ben!

  4. Thanks for the information, Joycee. One of my Yorkies can't get rid of ear problems, and Mister's left ear smells "yeasty." I'm buying Veterycin today.

  5. My dogs have passed on, but I may have to look it up for the granddogs AND myself. Thanks!

    I Love Cesar!

  6. LOl.. well glad you discovered the miracle.


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