Monday, May 23, 2011

Praying for our neighbors to the North in Joplin, Missouri who took a direct hit from multiple tornadoes that touched down and severely damaged the hospital, many business along Rangeline Road and the surrounding neighborhoods. Last night they were reporting at least two dozen fatalities. This morning the grim reality, the Associated Press has just said 89 confirmed deaths.

Our area had several tense hours as the storms slowly made their way across NW Arkansas. We alternated between watching local reports and the Weather Channel. I followed on Twitter, an amazing tool to get the latest information complete with twit-pics. More information than we want to hear sometimes.

Survivors reported more than 20 semi-trailer trucks blown over by the tornado, tv stations knocked off the air and radio stations are asking for help from anyone who could lend a hand. That's really all we can do in a disaster like this. We found ourselves on the receiving end of the generosity of many after a flood in 1998 ripped through our lives. It was amazing the outpouring of help from perfect strangers. Cases of water appeared in my driveway to distribute. Sandwiches were made and delivered every meal for the homeowners who were knee deep in mud cleaning up what was left of their possessions. We are a Nation of good hearted people who think... "What if this happened to me?"


  1. I join you in prayers for the people of Joplin. Damage is unreal and more storms today. So many lives changed forever. Mother Nature is really putting so many thru so much this spring.You all stay safe down in that area.

  2. My heart aches for the people of my beloved Missouri. I do have a church connection with that area but haven't heard of anyone we know being a casualty.

    Our town suffered a devastating flood about 3 years ago. And there was an outpouring of help of all kinds from everyone in the community. We hear of all of he evil in this world, yet I believe for the most part, times like these bring out the best in people.

  3. I saw that this morning on the internet; that was a punishing storm. Such a trail of loss of life and devestation. I am including them in my prayers. Joni

  4. My prayers for those effected. We've had some really wonky weather, haven't we???


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