Friday, May 20, 2011

"More please!"

A month ago when I ordered a wrinkle serum from the Coop Keeper I was desperate. Nothing was working and everytime I looked in the mirror, I saw another wrinkle. Now after only a month, I'm seeing improvement. Is it possible that this little bottle of oil could rewind the years? Am I dreaming or do I just want this to happen so bad I'm imagining that I look better? In July I'll be 59, that's knocking on the door of 60--- retirement, senior citizen discounts and "Ma'am, you can have my seat." I've been ok with every birthday so far. My 20's were easy, that IS young. 30's didn't hurt either. Even 40's were ok, I was often told I didn't look my age. Somewhere in the the 50's is where it happened. I looked my age...ouch!

Lots of things went on from 2002 to 2011. I lost my brother. Too young, too sudden, it hurt really bad.  Mom needed me all the time now, her dementia was taking over. I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere. My "front burner" had Mom or Amy or Stephanie on it all the time. Not that they weren't living their lives, I just worried about them constantly. Worry is our body's enemy. It zaps the joy and takes it's toll in a dullness that comes over our spirit and our skin. All of a sudden I felt old and worn out and I looked it too.

A trip to the dermatologist recently to remove a suspicious patch of dry skin woke me up to the fact that I needed to take better care of my skin. I came late to the "take care of yourself" party. I was in my 50's before I even looked at wrinkle creams. That aisle of the store is now my second home! No matter whether it's Walmart, Walgreen, Sephora or Ulta...I know my way to the sweet spot where they sell the "big guns!" I've made up for coming to the party late though, I would say I have spent a small fortune trying to turn back the clock.

I was just before giving up when Jayme Goffin started talking about her chemical free
Spring Chicken Serum.
Made from natural oils and tested by the Coop Keeper and her friends, the research was all positive. What the heck, I'm gonna try it! The worst case scenario it gets put alongside all the other bottles in "Wrinkle Land." The day it arrived I put a small drop on the back of my hand. I do have sensitive skin so I wanted to test a small place to see what happened. My hand drank it up in seconds, "More please" is all it said. That night I used the serum on my face. It felt so good and like my hands, my face literally drank the potion. In the middle of the night, my skin said, "More please" and I obeyed!

In just a few days the hands that wash dishes, the dog and dig in the dirt looked better. So much better that I thought they belonged to someone else! The red, dry patches went away. For someone who has lived with this condition for a long time, it was nothing short of a miracle. The real test was my hands and that's where I noticed improvement first!

It's been a month now and I can honestly say my skin has done a turnaround. I cannot believe the change, it feels softer, looks smoother and somewhere along the way I got the color back in my cheeks! I use the serum  twice a day, just a few drops is all it takes to do it's magic. Nothing I have ever used has worked this quickly or felt this good on my skin.

You can buy Spring Chicken Tonic at Jayme's Etsy site and she also has the link at Tales From the Coop Keeper. Run, don't walk to order this before she realizes that $19.50 is giving it away!

I spent longer than I want to admit in front of the mirror this afternoon trying my best to get a good shot of my skin. I got scary up-close and personal pictures, I got low light pictures that I liked but you couldn't see me clearly... and I got a lot of shots like these two. See how nice my hands look, not scary at all. Well, maybe a little arthritic but they ARE smooth and baby soft! You can be assured that when the serum takes 20 pounds off of me, I'll be posting my pictures left and right...

*This review is solely for the purpose of helping others who are suffering with oldness, dryness or dullness!


  1. Girl! Thanks so much, you are such a sweetheart. I'm going to share this on my Facebook. So glad it's working for you. : D

  2. I told you I'd chicken out about putting a full on face picture on the blog! My skin is so much better after only a month, this serum is a Godsend. The dermatitis on my hands is healed and that is nothing short of a miracle. I had used prescrition steroid cream forever. All it took was 30 days of Spring Chicken Serum!

  3. I always remember Granny Clampett (sp?) looking in a mirror at herself and saying, "Who is that old lady?" Our spirits remain young, maybe a little jaded and tired because of all the worry, but our bodies take a beating. I am glad you found something that you like. Joni

  4. It's hard to find anything chemical free! I just might have to try this stuff!

  5. First of all, I am sorry to hear you lost your brother. Funny I was thinking about him about a month ago, how you use to talk about him. If this stuff works, great. I might give it a shot. I understand the age thing, lol, same age as yourself.

  6. LOL... clever plug. I already have it on my vanity :-)

  7. Well I am definitely suffering from O>D>D> at age 57... I too have tried it all. But upon YOUR recommendation, I will try this, although I am always a skeptic. Now, if this works on my hands, which look like they belong to Methuselah, then I will shout its praises!


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