Thursday, May 12, 2011

We had a storm last night that came up quickly, dumped more rain and was gone in less than an hour. I think it washed away the last of the oak pollen because this morning when I went outside, I didn't sneeze my head off! One of the joys of living in "The Natural State" is the beauty of the trees. That's usually what tourists notice first, the Ozarks are heavily wooded with many varieties. With that comes pollen, so it's not all good!

And here's the culprit...the oak pistols that dangle from each of the oak trees in the woods that surround our house. In the spring this teeny-tiny green pollen makes my life miserable for several weeks every year. There are zillions of pistols that fall and they have to be blown off the decks and driveways, which stirs up the pollen, which gets me blowing! I'm a native to this area and I do think that helps some, you develop a tolerance. But this year, with all the rain the trees went crazy making leaves... and pistols... and pollen.

Last night's storm blew like the dicken's at first, kind of scary since there are so many big trees around us that could do damage. They are 80+ years old, 100 feet or more, majestic specimens that shade our yard and give a secluded sanctuary to the many animals that live in our woods. I'd hate to lose even one, that makes me a "tree hugger!"

I'm in good company these days on the "Green Path. You can't pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV or the Internet without being reminded that living green is much more than taking care of the Earth.

It starts with what we eat to nourish our bodies...
Then translates to what we buy and drive...
And even to how we light and heat our homes.
A greener lifestyle isn't just about helping Mother Nature. It has a snowball effect, improving our health, putting money back in our pockets and improving the quality of our lives. Want to know where to start? Visit for lots of great ideas!


  1. The first picture is a hickory tree, the last of the hardwoods to come out in our area. Since I wrote about OAK pollen, I should have taken a picture of an oak tree, duh! But the new leaves unfurling on the hickory were so pretty and new!

  2. Love the photos.
    You live in such a beautiful area.
    We got some of that rain last night, minus the wind.

  3. I grew up with grand oaks in my California yard. Your trees and foliage are amazing. We are trying to decide what to plant in our new backyard. We have no trees and I need to look into oaks and if it's warm enough to have one. Your flowers are so beautiful too Joycee.

  4. I'm heading there next...thanks for the heads up!...:)JP

  5. Thanks for the website. I'm a tree hugger and I've got the bumper sticker to prove it! :-)
    xo, Cheryl


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