Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It felt great to get out on the lake yesterday. It was mid 80's, the sun was shining and even though the water is still cold the GRANDson's had to jump in for the first swim of the year!

The public launch at Prairie Creek looked pretty busy, but there really weren't that many boats out. We've had so much rain the water is still churned up and not the clear blue green we are used to.

It didn't stop people from having fun though. You don't have to get in the water to have a great time. 

I think a jet ski would be a lot of fun but we really don't have a place at the boat dock for it. Jerry thinks it would be a bad idea since I've had back surgery twice, maybe he's right.

This is the real reason we need one. Jackson is our oldest Grandson. but in my heart he's still 5. He wore these glasses when he was that age and I carry them on the boat for our youngest Grandson Ewan. Yesterday he put on these glasses that were once his and my heart broke a little. Cause he's growing up so fast, and I worry about him. I want him to have happiness and joy in his life always. I wish he'd never have to face hardships or heartbreaks or disappointments but there's not a person alive who doesn't have to go through a few of those days.

For right now, at 16 almost 17, it's not too complicated. In 6 days, summer vacation starts and I want to tell him that no matter how complicated he thinks his life is, there will never be a time in his life again that is so UNcomplicated. There will never be another summer when life is so smooth or carefree. It would "fall on deaf ears" so I will keep quiet and let him grow up... even if I don't want to!


  1. I love that last picture!

  2. They do grow up fast, don't they?! Hopefully he'll have a great summer to look back on in years to come when things are complicated.

  3. So hard to keep the mouth shut isn't it. My sons are getting that point now that they are in their mid and late 20s.
    We always have such a laugh watching people launch their boats at a boat ramp. Hysterical but sometimes an expensive lesson as their trucks go sliding into the deep along with the boat. Lol. Sorry not funny (snort) I know (snicker)

  4. With you as inspiration, he will do and be fine!...:)JP

  5. One of my kids used to tell me... "Mom, you've got to let us fall on our own a$$." They never see it as the "best times" until they are looking back.

    Oh, my Gawd, they grow up so fast!


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