Monday, May 16, 2011

Naughty, naughty Blogger sprung a sprocket last Friday and put a kink in a lot of bloggers' posts... erasing comments and eliminating posts altogether. It was a down day on Friday and part of Saturday too, they said it was maintenance gone awry. Happens to us all... best laid plans often go Kablooie! I had a major meltdown the first year I blogged when I decided to delete "extra" pics at Picasa. No reason to keep the ones I had already used on the blog either. I was in cleaning mode and clicked myself into a grand mess. The next time I logged onto Granny Mountain, she was GONE. Well, not completely but all the pictures that went with the stories were missing. My fault and it just nearly made me weak in the knees. It was nearly 100 posts, so it was a black day for me. The next day it didn't seem so bad after all. I still had the text and looking over the first 100 posts I did, there were few that were Pulitzer Prize material! But the blogs I love the most are often the ones that get few, if any comments. That's not why we blog. We blog because it's in us to share the good news and the bad news. We want to reach out to each other and tell what's new or reach back and draw from a memory that was too good not to share. It's that bff thing, only now it's bbf (best blogging friends) that hear us. You tune in every day or so just to see what's going on in my neck of the woods, or Jayme's or Karen's or Jacqueline's or Joni's or Glenda's or Ree's or Jeri's or Michael's or Julie's or Anita's or Gnee's. If we don't make the trip to our favorite blogs we might miss out on what is going on at the Coop or a getaway to a fabulous far away land or the best recipe you could ever hope for or the most wonderful giveaway or blessings too many to mention. This is the next best thing to a letter from home and it comes everyday, unless Blogger is down!


  1. I am impressed by the very fitting photos you always come up with! The two day are no exception.

    I love the rural mailboxes. Who is the artist?

    I agree about the blogging and visiting certain blogs daily....for me it is like a phone call to touch base with good friends before I start my day.

    I hope yours is a great one. The sun is already shining here so that bodes well for my little part of the world!

  2. Google is my friend, always find perfect pictures for posts like this! I failed to add a link to the print of the old rural mailboxes so went back and's Arline Wagner and the print can be found at Fine Art America. I am in love with mailbox art, it speaks to my heart!

  3. I like the creative part of blogging, but I also love visiting blogs. When life gets to frazzled and I can't visit, I really do miss visiting. Everyone's life and home and experiences are so different from mine and I love viewing it all. And I DO miss fat, juicy letters that used to come in the mail -- for the most part, those days are gone -- but blogging works too. Have a great day. Joni

  4. What terrific sentiment, exactly the truth and why I love blogging. I have met some wonderful people (yes YOU! ) and the places we go virtually.. the recipes.. the shared joys, trials and tribulations.

    SO glad you told us about deleting pics on picasa. UGH! I won't do it now. That must be FRUSTRATING!!...

  5. Blogger was such a mess. Thankfully, I had no hand in making that mess... this time!

    I see I missed a post! Wonder how that happened??? Hmmmmm!

  6. That was a bad day for sure, and I was right in the middle of picking a giveaway winner and about 15 of my comments were gone! I love this picture here, and I go through my Picasa files and delete pic's I have used and they are still on my posts?! Well, have a great week! :D

  7. Joycee,
    First time I've ever seen blogger go down like that. All of my followers were gone. I'm happy to say they are back!
    Technology is both wonderful and a nightmare!
    But what would we do with out it? (Just like MEN!) :-)
    xo, Cheryl

  8. Blog blog blog through sunshine and fog...! (I made that up!) LOL

    I really like the watercolor by Arline Wagner.....I'll have to check out some of her work, since watercolor is one of my favorite mediums.

  9. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. The blogger bust was a big deal for everyone.....I didn't loose anything fortunately...but I do know a few ladies who did.

    Glad you are back up and running!


  10. Joni says she misses the fat juicy letters that came in the mail. I never got many of those. I get so much more from my blogging friends and regular close by friends that visit my blog regularly.

    Thanks for mentioning me! I do feel like Joni in that when my life is rushed and hectic and I don't get as much time to visit, I am sad! I love visiting as many as I can.

    That day and a half without blogger was hard. I know it was rough for them too! I can't imagine the panic they were in as they tried and tried to restore it (probably cost them a fortune too.) Just glad it is back up.

  11. Well said. Blogger messed me up too, but only temporarily.


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