Thursday, May 5, 2011

You have no idea when Motherhood begins that these little bundles of joy are going to turn your world upside down, inside out! There were times when I felt like throwing in the towel, times when I felt like I could sleep a week if given the chance and times when I just wanted the house to be quiet for an hour or two. 

When you are in the thick of it, raising your kids... the days are long and sometimes the nights are too. There are plays and ballgames and sleepovers and then the worst, boyfriends. Each one worse than the last, you know the kind-- they crawled out from under a rock just to meet your precious daughter! All that time and money you've put into this child and she's dating someone with no plans of ever being useful to society. About the time you are ready to throw up your hands and give up-- they grow up. They start to make the right choices and the next thing you know, they have kids of their own.
That's when it gets good- DisneyLand good! The GRANDS actually listened to what we said, unlike our daughters. They even wanted to go places with us, we had been 'shunned' for all those teen years so we almost didn't know how to act!

The best part is our daughters began to understand why we did the things we did. We weren't ogres who ruled from our throne, we were just doing the best job we could without a manual on raising kids. Ours came without one! Did you get one with yours???


  1. That's what it's all about, Joycee!...:)JP

  2. Oh, my... you have captured my thoughts and spoken them much better than I EVER could have! My daughter and I were just discussing something very similar, this morning. She has two daughters, 10 and 6, and a newborn. She is SO tired. It took her having her own, to be able to understand where I was coming from, when she totally didn't "get me" at all. Those teen years were tough!!!

  3. Let's write a magic manual and we'll be rich! Each child is so different. The fact that my five survived is a miracle. They keep telling me unbelievable tales of things they did...I had no idea!


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